20 Texts to Make Him Ask You Out

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Talking to a guy can sometimes feel like playing a game of cat and mouse – and you can’t tell whether you’re the cat or the mouse!

You leave what you feel are bold hints that you like him. Flirty text messages are constantly flying from your phone to his. You send him tantalizing selfies and emojis.

Maybe you’ve even hung out a few times, hooked up, or shared other romantic moments with him. So when is he going to get the message and ask you out?

If you’ve discovered that your guy is a teensy bit oblivious, we’ll give you a helping hand. We’ve written a bunch of texts to make him ask you out that will leave your intentions crystal-clear to him.

Tips to Make Yourself Extra Desirable Over Text

Don’t forget to have fun! Talking to him should be something you look forward to, not something you dread.

The text templates we created aren’t going to make him beg to see you again by themselves. There are some other things you’ll need to keep in mind in order to ensure you’re undeniably desirable.

Here’s the first thing to remember: don’t always answer him the moment he texts you. We often want things that are harder to get and making yourself readily available to him at all times tells him you’re the opposite.

In other words, put your phone down every once in awhile and let his texts go unanswered for a bit. The suspense will leave him hungry for more interaction with you. As a bonus, this will also give you time to think of a good response.

Second thing: don’t bombard him with love. You might be 100% sure you’re falling for this guy, but opening those emotional floodgates too soon and dousing him with romantic words could leave him feeling overwhelmed. Try to corral your feelings a little, keeping your tone casually flirty.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Talking to him should be something you look forward to, not something you dread. We know it’s easier said than done, but try to tone down the over-analyzing and anxiety. Just let yourself enjoy the conversation!

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Texts to Make Him Ask You Out

We’ve created 20 texts to make him ask you out. Each one has a slightly different approach and would therefore work in different situations.

We’ll be showing you each text, then explaining when it would be most effective. Don’t forget that you can also modify each text to be tailored to your relationship, adding in the names of restaurants, tv shows, or places that you feel are appropriate.

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If you still need more advice after looking at these texts, consider taking a look at the Text Chemistry program. You’ll find tons of easy text templates and tips to follow in that course.

  • “What are you doing this weekend?”

Great For: When you want to gauge how he feels about seeing you. If he thinks about his weekend and realizes he has no plans, he might just ask you to hang out!

  • “Do you have any plans tomorrow?”

Great For: When you want to see where he’s at mentally and emotionally. This is like the previous text but works better when you’re hoping to see him ASAP.

You know what they say – the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
  • “I’m in the mood to grab some food at *your or his favorite restaurant…*”

Great For: When you want to coyly hint at your desire for a date. Plus, it implies there’s something in it for him aside from your company: delicious food. Hey, you know what they say – the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

  • “I’m so bored right now…”

Great For: When you want to challenge him to entertain you. This one could backfire, though, and imply that you’re bored of talking to him, so make sure you use it carefully.

  • “This weekend is going to be boring. I don’t have anyone to hang out with.”

Great For: When you want to challenge him, but don’t want the risk of it backfiring. This indirectly shows that you’re open to seeing him. If he’s not being responsive, try using the tricks in our guide to what to text a guy to get him to respond.

  • “I’d love to check out that new bar, but I don’t want to go by myself.”

Great For: When you want to get him to puff out his chest and save the day. He’ll feel a bit like your knight in shining armor when he offers to escort you to whichever place you picked. Note: it doesn’t have to be a bar – you can pick any place you’re even slightly interested in seeing.

  • “What’s your favorite restaurant/bar/coffee shop?”

Great For: When you’re hoping to learn more about your guy. This will flatter him because he’ll see you care about his interests. It also gives you an opening to invite him to his favorite spot with you.

  • “My roommate is gone for the night, and I’m surprisingly lonely.”

Great For: When you’re looking for a not-so-subtle way to get in his arms. He may misinterpret texts like this as being nothing more than a booty call, though, so this one also carries some risk. You may want to read up on how to show a guy you like him over text.

  • “There’s a movie out that I really want to go see, but none of my friends are interested in it.”

Great For: When you want to give him the opportunity to swoop in and be the hero again. He’ll feel great about doing you a favor by taking you to the movie or wherever else you decide to go. Bonus: pretend you owe him for this one, and that you’ll go to whatever event he wants to return the favor. It’ll score you another date.

  • “If you were with me right now, what would we be doing?”

Great For: When you need a way to get his mind racing with all the possibilities. His imagination will do all the work here, tantalizing him with all the things he could be doing with you…if he steps up and asks you out.

  •  “I had so much fun when we hung out the other day. It’s been awhile since I laughed that hard!”

Great For: When you’re looking for the best method to remind him of the good times you’ve had together. Reminiscing about a successful date will make him want another one!

  • “I’m interested in learning more about *a hobby of his/game he’s into.* I think I’ll try it out more tomorrow.”

Great For: When you’re trying to stroke his ego. It shows you’re paying attention to his passions, On top of that, he’ll want to get in on it if you’re doing something he loves to do.

  • “Maybe I’ll binge watch some *TV show you both like* this weekend…”

Great For: When you’re craving some couch cuddle time with your guy. He won’t be able to resist the idea of getting to curl up with you and watch your favorite things together. If he doesn’t answer, here’s what to text when a guy doesn’t reply.

  • “I think I’m going to order some pizza. Want to come share it with me?”

Great For: When you want to casually invite him to your place. Who doesn’t love ordering in and having a relaxed date at home? PS: the food doesn’t have to be pizza – it can be whatever else you’re in the mood to order, but it should ideally be something he’d also love to eat.

  • “I wish I were cuddled up with you right now…”

Great For: When you’re feeling romantic. This a pretty clear invitation to him to come cuddle with you, and he’d have to be pretty oblivious not to see it.

  • “When are we going to hang out again? I can’t wait to see you!”

Great For: When you need a clear answer for him. Asking him directly when he’s going to make plans with you helps cut through uncertainty if you’ve had a hard time deciphering his emotions.

  • “What do you think of women making the first move?”

Great For: When you want to gauge what he would think of you taking the initiative. Many men actually love a woman who knows what she wants. If he tells you that’s what he’s into, feel free to pounce on him and ask him out first.

  • “I’ve got two tickets to that *movie/show he wants to see.* Do you think the second one might have your name on it?”

Great For: When you’re ready to step up to the plate and invite him to go out with you.

  • “I can’t stop thinking about the way you kissed me the other day. I wonder if you’re really as good a kisser as I’m remembering…”

Great For: When you’re trying to turn up the heat and get him craving you. Feel free to also try out these dirty things to dare a guy over text if you want to get really spicy.

  • “Do you remember that time we went to the beach? I’ve been thinking I’d like to go again soon.”

Great For: When you want to tell him that you’re ready for a repeat performance of a recent date. Again, it doesn’t have to the beach – feel free to include a reference to something unique that you did with him recently.

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