15+ Sweet Texts for Your Ex-Boyfriend

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to instantly get over our exes and leave them in the dust. Unfortunately, this world is far from perfect, and so things aren’t always as simple as they should be.

Sometimes, you find yourself missing your ex deeply. Maybe he was legitimately the love of your life and unlucky circumstances split you up. Maybe you just had fun in the relationship and weren’t ready for it to end.

Regardless of what exactly happened, you may find yourself wondering how to get him talking to you again. Texting is an excellent and safe way to initiate conversation, but what should you say to him?

We’re here to help! To make things easier on you, we’ve created a list of sweet texts for your ex-boyfriend that you can use no matter what kind of terms you’re on.

Why Send a Sweet Text to your Ex-Boyfriend?

A sweet text message is the perfect way to shatter that silence between you and get you on his mind again.

Before we dive into the texts, let’s start by looking at why you should send a sweet text to your ex and when it’s acceptable to do so. As we say in the majority of our ex-boyfriend guides, there are times when you absolutely should not text your ex-boyfriend.

We don’t recommend texting your ex if he makes you feel unsafe at all. It doesn’t matter what happened between you in the past – if he makes you feel uncomfortable, save yourself the risk and stay back from him. Set your phone down and step away every time you feel the need to reach out.

You may also want to keep your distance if he’s seeing someone else, your breakup was incredibly bad, or your breakup was super recent. Give him time in these cases. If he really wants to be with you, he’ll contact you when he’s ready.

So when should you text him? We think it’s okay to send him a message when you’re still friends post-breakup or when your breakup wasn’t necessarily bad and a little time has passed. If you’re still missing him under these circumstances, there’s nothing stopping you from breaking the silence between you.

In that case, a sweet text message is the perfect way to shatter that silence and get you on his mind again.

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Sweet Texts for Your Ex-Boyfriend

We’re going to divide the list of texts we made into two broad categories: texts you can send when you’re still on friendly terms, and texts you can send when things are maybe a tad bit cold between you.

Some of the texts have specific subjects in them, such as locations or tv shows. Feel free to customize those portions accordingly so they better fit the nature of the relationship you had.

If none of these texts seem like a good fit, don’t give up hope! There are other excellent resources for you, like this Text Chemistry program, which is packed with text templates for you to use.

Texts for When You’re Still Close to your Ex

If you’re still close to your ex, not just any text will do. You’ll need a tone that’s familiar, friendly, and even slightly flirty to pull him into a conversation.

Before you send any of these, make sure you’re truly close to him. If we were to ask you whether or not you could comfortably talk to or hang out with him and your answer is just, “maybe,” then you’re not at the right point for the following texts:

  • “I hope I’m on your mind as much as you’ve been on mine!”

Great For: When you want to get a little flirty but still keep it casual.

  • “I just walked past our favorite coffee shop. Do you remember when you took me there the first time?”

Great For: When you want to rope him in by reminding him of the good times you had together.

  • “Hey, I finally got around to finishing the last season of *tv show you watch together.* It was crazy! What did you think?”

Great For: When you want to get a friendly conversation started about something you both love.

  • “I went to this amazing restaurant last night. It made me wish you were there to try all this delicious food with me. Want to go sometime?”

Great For: When you want to casually get him to go out with you to wow him again.

  • “You won’t believe what just happened to me…”

Great For: When you want to keep him on his toes with suspense. Make sure you’ve actually got a story to tell him with this one!

  • “Hey, do you have time to get on a call with me? Something amazing just happened, and I think it would be better to talk about out loud.”

Great For: When you want the opportunity to talk to him on the phone. It’s the perfect twist on the previous text – vocal communication can be so much more emotional!

  • “Hey, I’ll be in your area tomorrow. Want to grab a bite to eat?”

Great For: When you want to see him in person again, but don’t want to seem desperate. Avoiding the word “date” keeps pressure off both of you.

  • “I don’t know if I ever told you this, but your smile used to make my knees go weak. I hope reading this is making you smile again.”

Great For: When you need to make your intentions a bit clearer, and he’s been receptive to your conversational efforts previously. This is a bold move.

  • “I remember you saying you had a big interview today. I’m confident you’ll ace it, but let me know how it goes!”

Great For: When you want to be supportive and show interest in his life. You’ll get brownie points for remembering things that are important to him and bolstering his confidence.

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Texts to Send When You Want to Get Close to Him Again

If you’re not exactly best friends after the breakup, you may want to go with these texts we’ve created. They’re not as sweet or friendly in general because they’re designed to approach him in a more neutral way.

Remember, you shouldn’t text him at all if you’re not totally comfortable, the breakup was recent (within the past several days, for example), or he’s with someone else and seems truly happy. You could end up just breaking your heart that way.

Side Note: Check out our ultimate guide on texting guys on this page.

With that being said, here are texts you can send to your ex when you want to chat him up without scaring him off:

  • “Hey, I’m having an issue with my computer, and I know you’re an expert with this stuff. Can I ask you some questions about it?”

Great For: When you want to get him comfortable with a little flattery. Everyone loves feeling like an expert!

  • “I know we may not have ended on the best terms, but I’d love to talk to you about it. Would you be okay going out for breakfast/lunch/dinner/drinks with me?”

Great For: When you want to be honest with him and lay all your cards on the table. They say honesty is the best policy, and this will keep him from thinking you’re trying to trick him.

  • “You’ve been on my mind a lot lately. How have you been?”

Great For: When you want to casually check in with him and get a general feel for where he’s at.

  • “I still have your sweatshirt. As much as I’d like to keep it, I think it looks way better on you. Want me to stop by and drop it off?”

Great For: When you want to see him person again without putting pressure on him. Who knows where it could lead? (This should go without saying, but make sure you actually have something of his to return!)

  • “For some reason, I can’t get you out of my head. I keep wondering if you’re thinking about me, too.”

Great For: When you want to take an honest approach and make your romantic intentions clear.

  • “I really miss talking to you and being friends with you. How would you feel about talking more again?”

Great For: When you’re not necessarily ready to jump back into a relationship yet, but want to get close to him again.

  • “I’m struggling to recreate that amazing steak recipe you used to make all the time. Could I call you so you can walk me through it?”

Great For: When you want to get him on the phone without seeming too obvious about it.

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Up Your Texting Game to Irresistible Levels

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Rather than starting on level ground, you’re basically starting in a hole. Building your way back up just to get on even footing will take time and effort.

We know texting an ex-boyfriend isn’t easy. Not only is it harder to convey sweet feelings in texts, but you’re talking to someone that you might already be struggling to communicate with.

Rather than starting on level ground, you’re basically starting in a hole. Building your way back up just to get on even footing will take time and effort.

Does that seem too intimidating? Rest assured that there are tons of resources out there that have your back.

One of our personal favorites is relationship coach Amy North’s Text Chemistry program. It’s built with tons of hints and tricks that use male psychology to grab any guy’s interest.

Find out all about it by clicking here.

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