25 Simple Goodnight Texts for Her

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If you’re looking for some simple yet sweet goodnight texts to send your girlfriend or partner, you’ve just found them.

Read on below and select one of these 25 simple goodnight texts for her!

Simple Goodnight Texts for Her

  • Goodnight, baby. I love you
  • Sweetdreams, lover. See you in the morning!
  • Sleep well, baby girl. Can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow
  • Night night, beautiful. Text me when you wake up
  • *tucks you into bed and kisses you on the forehead*
  • Sleep tight, sugar! Tomorrow will be here before you know it
  • Imagine that we’re falling asleep together right now
  • Goodnight, babydoll. I hope you have a fabulous sleep
  • It’s been a long hard day, I sure do wish you were here to tuck me into bed tonight
  • Here’s to a goodnight’s sleep! Lord knows we both need it after that makeout session early
  • Wow! Tonight was so good. When can we do it again?
  • I wake up with you on my mind and I go to sleep with you as my last thought… and I love it
  • Goodnight, sweet woman. I love you so much
  • I’m becoming obsessed with being the last person you talk to each night. Does that make me greedy?
  • I know what I’ll be thinking about while I fall asleep… you were so good earlier
  • Sweetdreams to the sweetest girl I know
  • Goodnight, sleep tight, I love you with all my might. Real talk. No hype.
  • I love falling asleep “together” but I sure do hate telling you goodnight
  • I’d give anything to be there snuggling with you when the sun comes up tomorrow
  • Sweet dreams to you, pretty lady. I wish I could be there in the morning when you wake up
  • I actually love falling asleep lately, it just means we’re one day closer to being together
  • I am so greedy for you, I want to always be the last thought you have before you go to sleep
  • I’d love to keep messaging with you all night, but you need some sleep. I’ll leave you to it
  • OMG. I didn’t realize it was so late. I haven’t stayed up chatting with anyone this late for ages
  • Goodnight my love. Don’t forget how special you are to me while you’re sleeping! 🙂