25 Sassy Flirty Texts for Her Fiesty Self

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Your search for sassy flirty texts to send your partner ends here.

Read on below and choose from these 25 sassy flirty texts for her!

Sassy Flirty Texts for Her

  • I hope you’re still wearing the smile I left you with last night
  • I try to think of other things, besides just you, but I end up just thinking of being in the bed beside you
  • Sweetdreams, sexy woman. I hope to see you there
  • The universe was working in overdrive when it created you
  • Violets aren’t red, roses aren’t blue, and I can’t do anything but think of you
  • Do you miss me already? Please hit “Y” for yes… there is no other answer 😉
  • I may need to delete all your pictures from my phone. I am about to start kissing them and licking them because I miss you so much
  • Imagine that I am right there with you, in the bed… what happens next?
  • If we go another night without being together I’ll be fully transformed into an official insomniac
  • Did it hurt much when you feel down here to earth from way up in heaven? 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you’re here
  • Would you rather; A, get eaten alive by a hungry grizzly bear, or B, come and hang out with me tonight?
  • Would you send me a selfie right now if I asked? Because I’d totally ask you to if I knew you’d do it
  • The only way I’m getting any sleep this week is if you come over and snuggle me to bed
  • Hey, you! Last night was incredible… how about making it happen again today?
  • If we were together right now, I would have you in my mouth no if, and, or buts about it
  • Are you free for the rest of our lives, baby? Because I sure am
  • A little birdy told me that you like surprises. I’ve got one waiting for you that you’ll never guess
  • Why do your legs have to be so damn perfect? I can’t get them out of my mind
  • Hey girrrl -snaps fingers x3- how are you do-oo-ooing? To-oo-daaaay?
  • Have you sent naughty selfies to anyone, before? And if so… when do I get one?
  • OMG. That outfit was off the chain last night… when are you going to wear it for me again?
  • Next time you come over, how about wearing my favorite bra and panties set? You know the one 😉
  • I’m thinking about your body right now and I can’t wipe this stupid shit-eating grin off my face. My co-workers think I lost my mind
  • Can’t wait to see you later today, lover. Every. Little. Part. Up close and personal.
  • Would you love me if I didn’t have this gigantic… you know what? Be honest