25 Playful Texts for Her to Feel Loved

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If you’re looking for some new and playful texts to send your lover, look no further!

Read on below and explore our all original list of 25 playful texts for her to feel loved.


    • Hey baby! Do you think it’d be ok with your parents if you came outside to play for a while? ?
    • Your face has this knack for making my day better, no matter how good or bad it has been so far
    • You drive me crazy, baby! (imagine me singing that to you in Brittany Spears’s voice)
    • Your new profile picture is the hottest one to date! How DO you do that? They just keep getting hotter and hotter
    • Babe, were you born on May 10th, 1996? Because you really blow me away (hint: look up what movies came out that day)
    • Good morning, my princess! Would you like a side of prince charming?
    • The moment I see your name pop up on my phone I start grinning like that little possessed girl right before she killed the priest (you know, in the OG Exorcist?)
    • You know you make things hard for me, don’t you? Well, you make one THING harder anyway
    • Is it a day that ends in “Y” today? If so, it’s the day of the week I love you the most ?
    • Hello, gorgeous! I’ve been waiting my whole life for you, but I’m tired of waiting… so get over here!
    • There isn’t a word, or even string of words, in existence, that comes close to describing your beauty
    • I love you, you love me, I’m gonna be waiting right here to play with you for eternity
    • I’m trying to wake up, but I’m not a human being without you in my bed to start the day
    • What do you think about settling down and having a family one day? I’m down for whatevs
    • WOW! You looked totes smexy today, bae! I was like, OMG, that’s MY girlfriend, yall -finger snaps-
    • I have such a hard time believing in anything anymore, except you. I believe in you 110 percent, babe!
    • All I can seem to get done today is think about the last time we played, and the next time we’ll get to play… I am getting nothing done, needless to say!
    • Come on girl! Let’s go do something crazy that we never did before
    • Don’t say maybe, when I say stay with me… just stay silent and stay with me, bae
    • Good morning, I think we should run off to the zoo today… I’m feeling like an animal ?
    • I have a serious problem and I’m going to need professional help… I can’t stop thinking about you
    • Look what you made me do! I’ve made a mess all over my clean sheets
    • How is the most gorgeous woman on the planet doing this afternoon? Hmmm? <3
    • Roses and red, violets are blue, I love you back and forth to the moon
    • Hello, darling… I’ve been waiting my whole life for a lover like you… what’s poppin’ shawty!?