42 Personalized Long Distance Relationship Gifts to Send Your Lover

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Are you looking for the most unique gift to conjure up for your long-distance partner online?

Read on below and explore these 42 options for personalized LDR gifts to send your lover!

Personalized and Custom Long Distance Relationship Gifts To Send Your Lover

With LDR couples, sending gifts is typically a major aspect of the relationship at one point or another.

When standard gifts just don’t cut it anymore, it’s time to move on to custom gifts that can be personalized for your partner!

Here are some of the very best personalized LDR gifts currently available online:

1. Intertwined Interlocking Wooden Hearts with Names

Customized Gifts, Olive Wood Hearts, Personalized Valentines Day Gift, Together Forever, Unique and Cute for Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary, interwind interlocking hearts for her, him, wife, husband

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The first item on our list isn’t too fancy, but it’s both a romantic and thoughtful gift.

In long-distance relationships, it’s common to invest in moments and nicknacks with a personal message (like these wooden hearts with your names engraves on them).

That way you always have a nice reminder of your LDR partner, even when their not online or on the phone with you.

2. Personalized and Custom Heart Crystal

3D Crystal Photo - 3D Crystal Picture Engraved Heart, Personalized & Custom Heart Crystal, Gift for Father's day, Anniversary, Pet, Memorable Gift, and Keepsake, Small

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Another really great heart-shaped long-distance gift idea is this personalized and custom heart crystal.

The crystal heart is laser-etched with one of your favorite photos (any photograph of your choice). That way you can immortalize your relationship.

If you haven’t met in real life yet, and don’t have a picture as a couple, you can always photoshop your pictures together.

3. Youltar Custom Blanket with Text Picture Collage

Youltar Custom Blanket with Text Picture Collage Customized Throw Blankets, Birthday Anniversary Wedding Anniversary Personalized Gift for Dad, Mom, Kids, Dogs, Friends or Couples Photo8 30"×40

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The third item on our list of the best gifts to send your long-distance love is the Youltar custom blanket with text and picture collage.

As far as a personalized gift goes, it doesn’t get much better than this one.

The best part is you get to be as thoughtful as you’d like in choosing what photos and blocks of text the blanket will feature.

4. Rainbow Moonstone Orgone Pyramid

New Inspirational Orgonite Pyramid for Success | Rainbow Moonstone Orgone Pyramid for Anti-stress - Calmness – Growth – Strength – Healing Crystal Gemstone Pyramid

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In our modern world of new wave fashions, orgone pyramids are making a comeback.

If your LDR partner is woke, they’re going to love this rainbow and moonstone-style healing pyramid.

It also makes a great surprise to add to a care package full of other cool stuff.

5. Custom Money Clip

Personalized money clip, Custom money clip, Monogram engraved money clip

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A money clip by itself is a very ideal gift for a partner that’s always on the go.

A personalized customer money clip is even better.

It’s probably the next best thing to actually giving them some certain amount of cash!

6. Personalized Leather Cufflinks With Monogram or Handwriting Drawing

Personalized Leather Cufflinks With Monogram or Handwriting Drawing, Men's Accessory

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For a partner that works in a fancy-schmancy environment, or has an upcoming event they need to dress up for (like meet you for the first time), cufflinks are a perfect gift.

These leather cufflinks come with your choice of monogram or handwriting/drawing, making them fully personalized.

Want him to help him feel like a million dollars? This gift should do the trick!

7. Personalized Gunmetal Pocket Watch with Chain love quote

Personalized Gunmetal Pocket Watch with Chain love quote

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say. If that’s the case, he can count how much sweeter your love grows by the minute with this personalized gunmetal pocket watch.

Every time he pulls it out to check the time, or even just feels it there in his pocket, he’ll think of you and how sweet you are.

Whether your partner is a train conductor, steampunk veteran, or simply someone who likes to be on time, you can’t go wrong with this gift idea.

8. Custom Engraved Wooden Watch

Custom Engraved Wooden Watch for Men Personalized Wood Wrist Watch - Father's Day Gift - Groomsmen Gift - Gift for Father Dad - Free Engraving

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One of the most interestingly personalized items on our list is this custom engraved wooden watch.

Yep, you read it right: a custom engraved wooden watch.

This puppy is unique as a gift can be. He’ll never expect what’s inside the box, that’s for sure.

If he enjoys working with wood, this watch makes even more sense.

9. Hand Forged Metal Rose Sculpture

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For all the guys out there searching for a custom gift for their iron maiden, this metal rose sculpture is a perfect way to tell her how special she is.

If she’s beautiful as can be and tough as nails, this rose represents here to a T.

Through a couple of scented candles in the box, with a couple of high-end chocolate bars and a micro vibrator, she may just ask you to marry her before too long.

10. Wax & Wit Gemini Gifts for Women

Wax & Wit Gemini Gifts for Women, Gemini Soy Candle, Birthdate Candles, Zodiac Gifts for Women, Zodiac Sign Gifts, Astrology Gifts for Women Zodiac Candle, June Birthday Gifts - 9oz

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Speaking of scented candles, this Wax & Wit Gemini candle is one for the books.

We don’t know exactly what they put in this thing, but it sure does seem to put the ladies into a trance (possibly a love trance).

Do you want to get that special someone in the mood, long-distance? Shoot her off a couple of these bad boys and tell her to fire ’em up during the next video chat.

11. Sweet Water Decor Palo Santo Patchouli Candle

Sweet Water Decor Palo Santo Patchouli Candle | Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli Scented Soy Candles for Home | Gifts for Women, Men, Housewarming | 9oz Amber Jar, 40 Hour Burn Time

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Scented candles are not just for women anymore (that’s right, ladies, guys like smelly stuff too!).

The trick is picking one that enhances his manliness, not one that makes him question it.

For example, this Patchouli candle is perfect. Sandle wood, maybe Burnt Motor Oil, and/or Popcorn Farts if they’re available.

Lavender, Vanilla, and Sugar Plum Fairy-type scents are a no-go.

12. Handmade Empath Energy Clearing 8 Oz. Candle

Empath Energy Clearing 8 Oz. Candle, Smudging, Clear Negative Energy, Sage with Black Tourmaline Crystals

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One last candle worth mentioning before we move on: the handmade Empath Energy Cleaning candle.

She’s a little one, but she packs a metaphysical whallup you’re not gonna miss.

These babies are made by occult practitioners and are designed to clean your energy.

The proof is in the puddin’, so you’ll have to ask your partner to try them out!

13. Personalized Gifts Wood Map

Personalized Gifts Wood Map Custom Lake Map Custom Map Gift Lake Gift Lake House Decor 5th Anniversary Gifts Wood Anniversary Gift Fifth Anniversary Gifts 5 Year Anniversary Gift Wife Gifts Mom Gifts

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For a long-distance relationship that involves one or more partners with a love for maps, traveling, or working with wood, this wooden map in a frame is a very thoughtful gift.

Depending on your request, it could even be a map of the night sky, versus a map of your town or neighborhood.

That said, there are endless possibilities to choose from with this gift.

14. GRAY Personalized Elephant

GRAY Personalized Elephant Birth Stats Keepsake for Baby Boy or Baby Girl, Baby Gift, Baby Shower, Newborn, Custom Baby Announcement

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These little cuties are typically for after-birth gifting, but they work great for a loved one at any time.

What says love and affection more than this cute little guy?

This personalized elephant is great to throw in the box as an extra item for your long-distance lover the next time you send them a gift box.

15. Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board, USA Handmade Cutting Board - Personalized Gifts - Wedding Gifts for the Couple, Christmas Gifts, Gift for Parents, Anniversary Gift

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Ok, sure, a cutting board isn’t a romantic gift. But, do all gifts between long-distance couples need to be centered around romance?

If you expect your LDR to last, at some point it is necessary to have mutual interests.

It’s equally crucial to be aware and supportive of each other’s individual interests and passions.

So, with that in mind, if your LDR lover is into cooking, the personalized cutting board may be one of the best long-distance gifts you could send them.

16. Custom Engraved Wood Handle Folding Pocket Knife

Anniversary Gift For Men Custom Engraved I Love You More Wood Handle Folding Pocket Knife (Stainless Steel)

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Speaking of passions and hobbies, a lot of guys like to do stuff outside like hiking, camping, twiddling their thumbs, whittlin’ sticks, and playing with their… well, you get the picture.

This custom engraved wood handle filing pocket knife is the perfect gift for your long-distance love that enjoys long walks in the woods and cutting fresh saplings to weave wind blinds.

It also works well as an everyday carry or a memento that he can set on a shelf and appreciate from a distance.

If you are a black magician, you might consider working some blood magic with the knife before sending it to him, that way his soul is yours forever… no matter what (ha! just kidding!).

17. Inspirational Wall Art

Inspirational Wall Art Decor - Positive Quote Home Decoration - Motivational Encouragement Gifts for Women -8x10 Poster for Girls or Teens Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom, Office - Floral Butterflies

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People don’t seem to appreciate art today as they used to (way back when we had to walk uphill to school every day, 15 miles, both ways, knee-deep in snow).

But, if you or your partner loves art, or you want to help them appreciate art more, sending them some inspirational wall art may be just the pick me up their soul needs.

If it’s between wall art and a cute keychain, go with the wall art (it’s bigger, and it’s safe and sound on the wall).

Keychains are cute, but they get lost or faded (wall art, on the other hand, is forever, or until a house fire breaks out).

18. Split Letter Monogram Wall Decor

Custom Metal Signs | Metal Name Sign | Metal Wall Art | Split Letter Monogram Wall Decor | Metal Wall Art Last Name Sign | Family Name Sign | Personalized Wedding Gift | Metal Art | Outdoor Metal Sign

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Are you looking for something that he can hang from the castle wall, gate, or living room wall?

The Split Letter Monogram Wall Decor is a great choice, it will even survive a ferocious house fire (though it will be scorched, you can repaint it).

You can even make this monogram represent both your last names if you please (or a nickname)

19. Personalized Engraved Sundial Compass

Personalized engraved sundial compass, Fathers Day gift, Unique for Dad Gift for all occasions, Christmas, New year, Graduation, Love gift, Get well soon, wedding anniversary

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If your LDR partner is into the night sky, sailing, or occult magick (like blood rituals… or just reading horoscopes), a personalized engraved sundial compass sends a very sweet message:

“I see what you are interested in, and I support your passions.”

Or something to that extent!

20. Macrame Plant Hanger-Cotton Rope

Macrame plant hanger-cotton rope -42 inches (110 cm) long-macrame shelf-candle holder- pot hanger or macrame hanging table

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Whether your partner is already into houseplants, is just getting into them, or you are slowly plotting ways to get them ready for you and an invasion of houseplants, this macrame plant hanger made from a cotton rope is a great gift to send from a long distance.

This way you can sit back, observe, pay attention, and readjust your strategy.

Did they react well? Do you need to fire off a few cactus and succulents (which need little care) to get them used to having plants around?

Or, can you go for the big guns and send him or her a bonsai tree, or hydroponic garden next?

21. Blue and White Porcelain Small Succulent and Cacti Pot

Blue and White Porcelain Small Succulent and Cacti Pot - Cute Ceramic Kissing Face Planter for Indoor Plants

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If you opt for sending your LDR partner a succulent or cactus, why not send them in a cute pot like this blue and white porcelain one?

It’s handmade and personalized with a cool face.

If you prefer, shop some other local artists and find a handmade pot to add succulents or cactus to before sending them to your long-distance love.

22. Orchid Planter Pot with Holes

White unglazed orchid pots with holes Large ceramic pot for orchid Whitewashed Orchid Planter Pot with Holes for Orchid Root Air Circulation

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Orchids make a great gift for long-distance relationships. You can simply find a local flower shop and have them sent right over.

That said, sending an orchid planter pot with holes over first is a real smooth move.

This pot is handmade, and each one is one-of-a-kind. If you want to make it even more unique, try glazing or painting it before you mail it off to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

23. 2 Dirty Birds Hanging Sea Urchin Live Air Plants

2 Dirty Birds Hanging Sea Urchin Shell Jellyfish Live Air Plants, w/Swarovski and Freshwater Pearls (2 Pack)

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If your partner is really into houseplants, or, again, you want them to be into plants, sending them the 2 dirty birds hanging planter for live plants is a big thumbs up.

The smoothest move you can make next is ordering two nice plants from a local flower shop and having them delivered to your long-distance love right at their home.

Who says you can’t send a romantic gift from a long distance and hit a grand slam?

24. You & Me Pair Puzzle Piece Laser Cut Wood Ornaments

You & Me Pair Puzzle Piece Laser Cut Wood Ornaments - Gift Box Included [Christmas, Holiday, Love, Anniversary, Personalized Gifts, Custom Message, Stocking Stuffers]

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In a long-distance relationship, it’s important to acknowledge the bond between you and your partner.

Gifts like the You & Me Pair Puzzle Piece wood ornaments carry that message. They remind us of that special someone we are waiting for no matter what.

These sorts of gifts remind us that distance means little when that special someone matters more to you than some comfort zone or the country you live in.

25. Third Eye Chakra Crystal with Flower of Life Organite

Orgonite Crystal Lapis Lazuli Ball with Holder – Third Eye Chakra Crystal with Flower of Life Enhances Decision Making and Promotes Friendship, Honesty, Compassion and Integrity

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If your partner is into creative arts, energy working, alternative healing, or occult arts, the Third Eye Chakra Crystal with Flower of Life is an excellent gift idea.

When you are in a long-distance relationship, you need to know what your partner believes, loves, and even hates.

IF you don’t know the person, you can’t choose the right gift.

This organite is full of light and positive energy, perfect for those who are woke and optimistic about the future.

26. Smokey the Bear Only YOU can Prevent Fascism

Smokey the Bear Only YOU can Prevent Fascism RESIST Wood Hat Pin | Alt US National Park Service Pin | Resist Fascism Activism Brooch

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Some of you may not be old enough to remember Smokey the Bear (or aren’t from the USA). He was the face of the movement to prevent forest fires back in the 20th century.

His slogan was: Only YOU can prevent forest fires!

If your partner is an activist or has strong political feelings, this anti-fascism gift is an excellent idea for your loved one.

Sure, it’s not the most romantic gift for a long-distance relationship or any relationship for that matter, but it is unique!

27. Hell Admit One Movie Stub Lapel

Funny Horror Enamel Pins Ticket to Hell Admit One Movie Stub Lapel Pin Retro Vintage Halloween

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Is your long-distance loved one a heathen? If so, why not send them a ticket to hell?

It sends a sweet and sexy message: I see that you are a devil, and I love you anyway.

The Hell Admit One Movie Stub Lapel is a great addition to any clothing and even some shoes.

28. Soothi Zodiac Handmade Antique Leather Journal

Soothi Zodiac Handmade Antique Leather Journal for Travel or Diary, Unlined, Leo, 7''x5''

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For all those dark sorcerer types out there… and everyone else who enjoys writing in good old-fashioned notebooks, what says I love you better than a handmade antique leather journal?

You can even write a few love letters inside the book before you send them.

If you’re both into love letters, you could send the book back and forth until it’s finished (then submit it to a publishing house – and give us 10 percent of the royalties for using the idea).

29. Engraved Compass

Engraved Compass, Custom Compass, Personalized Compass, Working Compass, Functional Compass, Groomsmen Gift, Father's Day Gift, Valentine's Day Gift

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Sometimes long-distance couples begin to lose their way.

What better greater gift than an engraved compass to help them find their way forward?

This gift is great for any old time as well as to mark some special date for your loved one.

30. Sterling Silver Bracelet

Sterling Silver Bracelet - Both sides Engravable Cuff - Unisex Custom Jewelry - Engraved Gift - Birthday Gift - Custom Engraving Cuff Bracelet - Motivational Mantra Quote Engraved Silver Cuff Bracelet

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Sterling silver jewelry places a large role in the lives of many long-distance couples.

It’s affordable, it looks good, and it sends a clear message: I love you and you’re worth spending money on.

This sterling silver bracelet, and others like it, are available with personalization on Etsy, Amazon, eBay and other retailers.

31. Floral Heart Laser Cut Wood Memory Box

Floral Heart Laser Cut Wood Keepsake or Memory Box [Personalized Custom Gifts, Anniversary, Wedding, Baby, Memory]

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Memory or keepsake boxes play a vital role in many LDR relationships. Boxes like this FLoral Heart etched one is much more pleasing to look at than others.

Long-distance couples send more letters and postcards than other people, and these boxes are the perfect place to keep those things.

Whether you print your chat logs and emails, or just save your letters from snail mail, a memory box just makes sense.

32. You are My Sunshine Music Box

You are My Sunshine Music Box, Gift for Wife from Husband Vintage Wooden Hand Crank for Wedding Anniversary/Valentine's Day/Birthday (Wood)

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Does your partner already have a memory box? And jewelry?

No sweat! Send them an old-school music box, like this You are My Sunshine version.

Don’t like the tune? No problem, just have a look around for other personalized music boxes on Amazon or Etsy.

33. Handmade Custom Unisex Name Necklace (Gold)

Handmade Custom Unisex Name Necklace with Thick Chain in Sterling Silver 925 - Customized Nameplate Pendant Personalized Layering Christmas Mothers Day Jewelry Gift for Mom Dad Girlfriend Boyfriend

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Whether your partner is into hip hop, or you just want them to feel special and have some bling, a handmade custom name necklace could be a fun relationship gift.

If you want to be creative, you can have their nickname put on the necklace instead.

At any rate, this big ol’ chain with their name on it is likely to put a huge smile on their face so don’t forget to ask for a selfie or video chat when they open it.

34. Handmade Personalized Unisex Name Necklace (Silver)

Handmade Personalized Unisex Name Necklace Thick Chain in 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver 925 - Nameplate Pendant Custom Layering Christmas Valentines Day Jewelry Gift for Mom Dad Girlfriend Boyfriend

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If your partner isn’t into gold, this silver alternative is the one for them.

Remember, not everyone likes gold and/or silver, so be sure to inquire your partner about which one they prefer.

You can casually mention over the phone which one you like, they will more than likely volunteer the same information about themselves and not think much of it.

35. Hidden Secret Message Leather Bracelet

Hidden Secret Message Leather Bracelet Personalized with Custom Quote Date or Coordinates with Strong Hypoallergenic Magnetic Clasp

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The Hidden Secret Message Leather Bracelet makes a great out-of-the-box LDR gift.

For the romantic type, the only better way to send a significant message would be by writing love letters, stuffing them in a bottle, and chucking them into the ocean.

The problem with the bottle message idea is that they probably won’t actually make it to your partner, regardless of how romantic the notion is.

That’s why you should skip the bottle-stuffing and chucking and mail your lover this hidden secret message bracelet instead!

36. 2pcs Magnetic Couples Necklace

2pcs Magnetic Couples Necklace Personalized Matching Necklace with Initial Custom Heart Couple Necklace Valentines Day Gifts for Him and Her

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What list of long-distance gifts would be complete without at least one heart-shaped piece of jewelry that splits in two?

This 2-piece magnetic couples necklace will give you a daily dose of your loved one and their affection for you.

Little gifts like these are much more significant than their price tags, especially if they make you feel closer.

37. Custom Hand Stamped Personalized Penny Keychain

Custom Hand Stamped Personalized Penny Keychain Initials With Heart Around Year & Other Options, Anniversary Gift, Husband Wife Key Chain, Boyfriend Girlfriend Gift, Customized Couples Keychain

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A custom hand-stamped personalized penny keychain can be full of light, love, and romance.

No matter where you go when you leave home, you have your keychain to help keep your love close and remind you of the person who loves you the most.

Plus, you can order one for the both of you!

A keychain like this one is a very cute daily reminder of your long-distance flame, to say the least.

38. Unique Personalized Photo or Canvas Prints

Hearts on Beach Unique Personalized Photo or Canvas Prints with Couple's Names and Special Date on Beach,Perfect Present Love Gift for Anniversary,Wedding,Birthday and Holidays

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When you are dating someone long distance all the pictures and mementos you have of each other helps ease the pain of being apart.

Like this one!

You don’t need to have met in person, or spent a week in Cancun to have a picture that makes it feel like you have.

The coolest part is that you can pull any picture in the world to have printed on a canvas like this one.

39. 16K Gold Your Name Bar Bracelet

16K Gold Your Name Bar Bracelet - Personalized gift Gold Plated bar Delicate Hand Stamp Best bridesmaid Wedding Graduation Gift

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There comes a time in a serious long-distance relationship when one partner buys a piece of jewelry for the other.

This particular necklace will definitely make her night when she receives it in the mail.

If you want to make her feel like you are her genie in a bottle, time the arrival of the necklace with a local flower delivery service with a dozen roses (or bunches of her favorite flowers).

Make sure to track your packages so you can get her on the phone while it’s being delivered (you’ll want to hear her actual reaction, versus read it over text).

40. Personalized Custom T-Shirt

Mens/Womens The Man The Myth The Legend T-Shirt Personalized Custom - Pick T-Shirt Color, Size, Design Color and Text

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A personalized T-Shirt is a pretty LDR gift idea, but it’s more than a good one nonetheless.

The best part about custom T-Shirts is that you can pick any color you want, or designs and patterns. Plus, you get to put whatever words on it that you want.

IF you want to make it the most unique gift in the world, choose your words wisely! And, make sure to fill the back of the shirt with a romantic or witty comment too!

41. Personalized Apron

Personalized Apron, Add a Name Embroidered Design, Add Your Own Name, Cotton/poly High Quality Commercial Made in the USA Apron, Adult Bib Aprons (Adult Regular 32" Long x 34

Check Price on Amazon >>

Long-distance relationship gifts aren’t always about mushy or naughty elements. Sometimes they are appreciating ordinary interests, and necessities, like cooking and cleaning.

If your boyfriend, or girlfriend, enjoys kitchen duties, like cooking, baking, and frying, this personalized apron is perfect for them.

Likewise, if you are dating a professional cook, or chef, it’s even better.

Also, remember, you can choose to have the apron say something other than their actual name.

For example “big sexy man”, “hot stuff”, or “stud muffin.”

42. Custom Embroidered Name Tag Iron On Patch

Name Patch - Custom Embroided Name Tag Iron On Patch(4"x2

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Whether you’re dating a Hell’s Angels member or someone who enjoys putting patches on their backpacks or jackets, a custom embroidered name tag iron-on patch is a very thoughtful gift.

The greatest part about these patches is that they can say literally anything that you want the message to be!

For those in a long-distance relationship, a gift like these custom embroidered name tags goes a very long way in making one feel loved.


What Is The Best Gift For a Long Distance Relationship?

Among the best gifts for a long-distance relationship are new phones, tablets, earbuds, charging stations, coffee cups, clothing, jewelry, money, artwork, various nicknacks, and other keepsakes. To pick the very best gift for your LDR partner, you need to have some idea of what they love, and what they don’t like.

What Are The Most Common Long Distance Relationship Gifts

The most common LDR gifts include flowers, cards, jewelry, candles, books, stuffed animals, chocolate, and a wide variety of electronics. That said, you should always research what your partner is into before simply gifting them something common.

What Is Long Distance Love?

Long Distance Love is something experienced between two people who meet online, have some similar interests, and find each other intriguing. If the interest and intrigue turn into respect and love for each other, it is long-distance love, not an LDC, or long-distance crush.

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