25+ One Month Anniversary Texts For Him

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Looking for a list of one-month anniversary texts for him that won’t sound like they came out of a Hallmark card? You’ve come to the right place!

Here’s a list of 25+ things you could say to your boyfriend, your crush, boytoy, S.O., friend-with-benefits or whatever you call him on your one month anniversary to show how much you care!

One Month Anniversary Texts for Him

  • “Happy one month anniversary! Make sure you screenshot this text so we can ‘aww’ at it years from now.”
  • “One down. Only 11 more of these month anniversaries to go til we only have to remember 1 anniversary per year!”
  • “Pretty good month, I’d say! You up for at least a few more of these? ;)”
  • “Only 30 days in and I can’t remember what my life was like before you. Is there something wrong with me? Jk, happy anniversary!”

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  • “Happy one month, babe! Now that the honeymoon phase is over, get ready to see me without my makeup.”
  • “Welcome to the end of the beginning of our relationship – happy first anniversary!”
  • “Everyone says we’re such a cute couple… and they’re right. Happy one month!”
  • “We’re officially 2,595,000 seconds into our relationship and I’ve loved every single one.”
  • “Happy 1 month from the day you and me became a WE!” 
  • “Happy 1st anniversary! The anniversary that sets the precedent for all future anniversaries. No pressure! ;)”
  • “Promise me we’ll never stop trying to make every month as exciting as the first month.”
  • “1 month later and we’re still adorable.”
  • “How come time moves so fast while we’re together and soo slow while we’re apart? Let’s just agree to be together forever, okay?”

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  • “I can’t wait to see what the next month is like… and the month after that… and the month after that!”
  • “I’ve been having so much fun. Should we just agree to stay together forever? ‘Cuz I’m in.”
  • “It’s been a month already? Time flies while I’m falling for you.”
  • “Congratulations! You’re one month into the best relationship of your life!”
  • “One small month for man, one giant month for us! One step closer to forever.”
  • “I’ve been searching for my soulmate ever since I heard my first bedtime story. After all this time, I finally found you!”
  • “Every day this past month has been a little brighter, a little happier, and way better because of you.”
  • “I would send a card, but cards are lame so… happy anniversary :).”
  • “Get over here! I owe you 30 kisses for 30 days.”
  • “1 round of bills = $200. 1 round of rent = $600. 1 month of us = priceless.”
  • “Happy 1 month anniversary to the day I started simping for you.”
  • “It’s already been a month? Whoops! Guess I need to throw that milk away.”
  • “I love my best friend. I can tell him anything. I’d do anything for him. And 30 days ago, I started dating him. Happy monthiversary.”

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  • “For our one month anniversary, I got you a present: more months of dating me!”
  • “Happy monthiversary! Can’t wait for my present!”
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