25 Morning Texts for Your Ex-Boyfriend

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When we get up in the morning and start preparing for the day, we often find our minds bogged down with thoughts about the important things. You know what we mean – the things that you either stayed up late last night tossing and turning over or the things that filled your dreams.

It’s not unusual for your thoughts and dreams to filled with your ex-boyfriend. This is definitely true when you’ve either just recently broken up or you’re still in love with him.

So, what are you supposed to do? Should you send him a casual good morning text to try and stir up conversation with him or avoid talking to him at all?

Those are confusing questions that we’re prepared to answer. We’ll also give you over twenty morning texts for your ex-boyfriend in case you don’t know what to say.

How to Know if It’s Okay to Text Your Ex

"There are times where you simply can’t let go."

The first question that must always be addressed when considering texting your ex-boyfriend is whether or not you should. Should you be sending him morning texts at all, or would be it be wiser to move on?

In general, as much as it hurts to hear it, it’s typically better to let go and move on. He’s your ex-boyfriend for a reason, after all.

But we understand that there are times where you simply can’t let go. You may still have feelings for him and legitimately think you’re meant to be together. You may also simply miss his friendship and want to build a platonic relationship with him again.

Since you’re looking at this article, you’re probably in one of the former situations. That being said, let’s look at when you can text him.

We think it’s perfectly suitable to contact him again if you’re on good enough terms to regularly communicate with him. You can also text him when you’re working on getting back together or if the breakup wasn’t too recent (for example, a couple days ago).

However, avoid texting him at all costs if you don’t feel totally safe talking to him, he’s happily in another relationship, or your breakup was extremely recent. In the latter case, we strongly suggest going through a no contact period prior to reaching out to him again.

Mornings Texts for Your Ex-Boyfriend

We’ve divided our list of texts into two sections: one for texts you can use when you’re closer to your ex, and another for when there’s a bit of distance between you. That way, you can find a text for just about any situation from the following list.

If you feel like none of these texts would work for your ex-boyfriend, consider turning to additional resources like the Text Chemistry program. It’s a course made by an actual relationship coach and has plenty of text templates for you to choose from to make things easier for you.

Mornings Texts for When You’re on Good Terms with Your Ex

In this section, we’re going to show you texts you can send to your ex when you’re on good terms. We define this as being actual friends with him or being able to regularly communicate with him with minimal discomfort.

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If conversations are icy between you, you fight frequently, or he does what he can to avoid you, then these texts are not necessarily appropriate. You can take a look at our guide to how to get your ex-boyfriend back from a bad breakup for further guidance.

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  • “Good morning! How did you sleep last night?”

Great For: When you want to casually text your ex-boyfriend to gauge how he’s feeling. You can read into his response to see if he’s friendly or flirty.

  • “I just wanted to wish you a good morning. I hope you have an amazing day!”

Great For: When you’re feeling bubbly and want to make him smile.

  • “Good morning! Has my favorite cute guy woken up yet?”

Great For: When romantic texts have been flying back and forth between you and you’re feeling boldly flirty.

  • “I miss waking up to find you lying next to me.”

Great For: When there’s a romantic atmosphere between you and you want to be clear about your feelings.

  • “I had some interesting dreams about you last night. I wonder if you dreamed about me, too…”

Great For: When your feelings are squarely in naughty territory and you want to pique his interest. Be sure to also take a look at our post for how to get your ex-boyfriend to sleep with you.

  • “It’s sad that I didn’t get to see you right when I woke up. Maybe sometime soon?”

Great For: When you want to flirt with him a bit without making things too sexual.

  • “Do you remember that time you made me a breakfast buffet in bed?”

Great For: When you want him to reminisce with you about the good times you had. This doesn’t necessarily have to be about a breakfast-related memory – any morning memory works here.

  • “It’s too bad my alarm woke me up from the dream I was just having about you.”

Great For: When you want to tease him. This could be either sexual or sweet depending on your mood, so this is also an excellent flexible message.

  • “Hey, good morning. Want to go grab some coffee with me?”

Great For: When you need to see him again. By avoiding the word “date,” you’re leaving it open to be a friendly meeting or a romantic one.

  • “Good morning! Are you going to be doing anything after work today?”

Great For: When you’re wondering how he’s doing and want to ask without seeming desperate.

  • “Morning! Hope you have an amazing day at work.”

Great For: When you want to brighten up his day while also showing him you still care.

  • “I have a great idea for starting the day. Do you want to come over for some breakfast?”

Great For: When you want to see him one-on-one in an intimate setting. Keep in mind that inviting him over to your house does have potentially dirty connotations and he may see it as an invitation to sleep with you.

  • “Good morning! I hope this text makes you smile when you get it.”

Great For: When you want to make him start his morning with a smile.

  • “I wore one of your old shirts to bed last night. Would you like to see a picture?”

Great For: When you’re feeling bold and you want to rekindle your sexual spark. Be sure to follow it up with a picture of you in his shirt – and quite possibly nothing but the shirt.

  • “I have some crazy news for you. Mind if I call you when I have more time on my lunchbreak?”

Great For: When you want to talk to him on the phone. This is an excellent second step to take if you’re talking, but don’t feel ready to see him in person again yet.

Mornings Texts for When You Need to Rebuild your Relationship with Your Ex

What if things are perhaps a little chilly between you and your ex? We’re not talking about downright hostile, either – we mean when you’re totally neutral towards each other.

In that case, you’ll need to work at building a warm connection. Using the following text messages can start to open up that door between you again.

  • “It’s been awhile since we talked. I just wanted to wish you a good morning and check on how you’re doing.”

Great For: When you want to acknowledge the distance between you without being awkward and initiate a conversation.

  • “Good morning! I’m planning on making your famous chili recipe for dinner tonight. I want to check with you to see if you have any pointers.”

Great For: When you want to butter him up with a compliment. Making him feel like an expert is a great way to soften him. This doesn’t have to be about chili – it can be about anything he knows a lot about.

  • “Good morning. Do you have any plans for the day?”

Great For: When you want to casually figure out how he’s doing. The tone in his answer will tell you a lot about whether he’s open to further conversation.

  • “I wanted to drop by your inbox and say good morning. I’ve been missing you a lot lately.”

Great For: When you want to slightly admit to him that you still have feelings, but don’t want to pressure him.

  • “I hope you slept well last night. You were on my mind, so I wanted to see if you’re doing well.”

Great For: When you want to nonchalantly check on where he’s at in his life now.

  • “Good morning. I’ve got a little time to talk and was wondering if you’d be willing to get on a call with me.”

Great For: When you want to hear his voice again. If you’re not sure what to say, try out some of the sample topics in our guide on what to talk about with your ex-boyfriend over text.

  • “It looks like I’ve still got your favorite hoodie. Would you be okay with me swinging by to drop it off this morning?”

Great For: When you want to see him in person, but don’t want to make it seem like a date or anything romantic yet. Texting him this keeps the pressure off him.

  • “I know it seems awkward to ask, but I can’t get you out of my head this morning. Would you be willing to meet for lunch/dinner/drinks later?”

Great For: When you want to lay your cards on the table and be honest with him about your feelings. There’s a chance he may be completely refreshed by your openness with him.

  • “Good morning. I hope you’ve been well.”

Great For: When it’s been a long time since you’ve spoken, and you want to feel out whether he wants to talk to you now.

  • “Morning. I’m going to be pretty busy most of the day but was wondering if it would be okay for me to chat more with you later.”

Great For: When you want to open the possibility of later conversations but need time to prepare yourself. (It’s okay if you’re not sure what to say yet – take baby steps if you need to!)

Mastering the Art of Romance by Text

"It’s natural to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of romancing anyone by text – especially your ex-boyfriend!"

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of romancing anyone by text – especially your ex-boyfriend! You may be feeling like it’s totally impossible.

We’re not going to lie to you; it is difficult. That’s why we recommend turning to additional resources if you need more guidance.

One of our favorites is the Text Chemistry course by Amy North. She’s a relationship coach who’s mastered the art of modern-day romance, and we’re confident her methods can help you get your ex back.