25 Long Flirty Good Morning Texts for Her to Start the Day

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Tired of sending the same opening messages to her every day? 

Read on below and explore these 25 long flirty good morning texts for her!

Long Flirty Good Morning Texts for Her

  • Good morning to you, love…. speaking of love, I miss yours… wanna come over for breakfast?
  • It’s morning! Rise and shine! Wake up and get your sexy butt moving… and make sure you take a selfie of it and send it right on over 🙂
  • It’s going to be a wonderful day, my love. I feel an adventure awaiting us today… I wonder where it will lead us… could it possibly be south of your equator?
  • Mornings would be so much better if they started with you in my bed, or me in your bed
  • Good morning, babygirl! I hope you got more sleep than I did… I was having these really hot dreams about you that kept me up all night
  • I’m just lying here on my bed trying to wake up… but all I can do is keep wishing you were here… and that we were both naked
  • OMG! I had SUCH an amazingly x-rated dream last night about me and you. It was SO hot
  • If I had a dollar for every dirty thought I’ve had about you this morning already I’d be a millionaire
  • Rise and shine, beautiful! It’s time to get a brand new day kicked off! I can’t wait to see you today, sexy… see ALL of you… 🙂
  • How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if you were the woodchuck and it was my morning wood you were chucking? XD
  • Good morning, darling. I don’t mean to alarm you but we have a problem. I am heartless and sleepless… and it’s your fault. You stole my heart and are stealing my sleep too… I don’t know what to do!
  • You’re my angel… but you have to be awake to be able to spread your wings, put your halo on, and come save me. So… wake up!
  • Hey baby! I’m on the way to the donut shop… what do you think would taste the best if I eat it off of your booty? 😀 Jelly? Maple? I was thinking Strawberry glazed!
  • I’m outside your window throwing rocks! Wake up and let me in! It was a long night (we haven’t seen each other in 6 and a half hours) and I need to feel your love
  • I may not be your neighbor…. but lend me some sugar, baby. I promise to return it three-fold, right away! 😉
  • Good morning! I have planned an amazing vaca day for us… all you need to do is get your equisit self up and ready! Text me when you get up
  • I love you, I need you… you said you needed sleep and I believed you. Now it’s the next day, and you’re so far away… and I still love and need you. What I really want is for you to be beneath me, writhing, in intense pleasure, forever, our bond amplified over time, essences intertwined, our love never severed
  • Top of the morning to you, sexy lady… wouldn’t it be a better morning if your were on top of me instead of this blanket?
  • I’m afraid to take a shower before I finish… fantasizing about you… I don’t wanna run the water bill up -wink wink-
  • Ok. I admit it. The poem I just sent you wasn’t the greatest… but the sentiment is real. The problem is that there ARE no words to describe the way I feel about you… about us… 
  • I love you, you love me, we’re soulmates for eternity… now you better wake up and get ready for work because it’s already 8:30
  • WOW! Last night was one of the best days of my existence, with God as my witness… I just wish I could recollect what actually happened
  • Good morning, doll! I’m over here looking at pics from last night… how is it possible that you get more and more gorgeous by the day?
  • Welcome to the future: there’s coffee and donuts here… and me! 🙂 It’s a bright new day
  • Good morning, lover. I hope you have a great day… I know mine will be great the minute I see your beautiful face <3