25+ Inspirational Good Morning Texts for Him

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Life isn’t always easy, and it isn’t hard to feel pulled into depression, anxiety, and other emotional troubles at various times throughout your life. If your man is going through a challenging period and needs some attention, you can send him one of the many inspirational messages listed below.

These morning messages will start his way right with a pat on the back and a smile. A few simple words are often enough to turn somebody’s spirit around and make their life feel more manageable and less demanding.

Inspirational Text Messages For Him

1. “Life is beautiful and full of love. Every day we wake up, we are lucky to draw breath and feel happy to be together. I hope your day is filled with inspiration and love.”

2. The endless beauty of the world around us is enough to make me cry from sheer joy. Please take a minute to think of something extraordinary and let me know about it.

3. “Inspiration is all in the eye of the beholder. If you’re willing to take little steps to make your life better, the bigger steps will come easier.”

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4. “Every day I know you, I feel a joy in my heart that I can’t contain. You are an amazing and beautiful man, someone full of inspiration and joy.”

5. “Inspiration is knowing what you want and how to get it. Inspiration is taking steps to get what you want without taking no for an answer.”

6. “I can’t believe I ever lived my life without you, my love. You inspire me and push me to be a better person every day with your amazing personality.”

7. “Do you ever wonder what makes the world so wonderful? People like you. You bring my heart joy and inspire me to be a better person every day.”

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8. “Wake up this morning. First, jot down 10 things that you’re grateful for knowing. Then, circle those that feel the most important to you. Here’s my list.”

9. “You got this day, and the day after that, and the day after that. I can imagine you doing anything that you want and coming out on top. My love.”

10. “Love is all around us. Joy is in the air. We are in the presence of a greater power. Can’t you feel it? I hope that you feel that power in your life every day.”

11. “Praying every day is a wonderful way to clear the mind and reconnect with God. Even if you don’t think He is listening to you, He is: and He will respond.”

12. “Today isn’t just another day. Today is every day, the day that you get out there and change the world and make it better, one step at a time.”

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13. “Great change only comes with deep personal thought and sacrifice. You can become a better person, you can get that better job: just let yourself want it enough.”

14. “What’s the best way to change the world? One step at a time, one person at a time. You can’t run a mile without taking a step. One foot after another, my love.”

15. “Put yourself in another person’s shoes for a few minutes. Think about what they want and what they might need in their life. It shouldn’t feel too different from your own needs.”

16. “I hope you’re smiling when you read this: if not, I want you to smile right now. Smile any time you feel yourself frowning. You’ll feel better: it’s science!”

17. “What do you do that makes you stand out? How do you make your mark on people? Ask yourself that question, and you can go far in life.”

18. “Standing alone as the calm eye of the storm is never easy. And yet, you make it look as simple as breathing. You’re so amazing to me!”

19. “There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s nothing wrong with anybody. The world is filled with beautiful people if you just take the veil off of your eyes.”

20. “Take a breath of fresh air. Feel your lungs expand. Think about what makes you happiest in life. If you’re lucky, you’ll have too many things from which to choose.”

21. “Have you talked with God lately? If not, you should think about doing so. Even if you don’t believe, just giving yourself over to a higher spirit for a moment may help you.”

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22. “People are only as good as they let themselves be: we all have the capacity for beauty and ugliness. I see great beauty in you. Bring it out.”

23. “Just a minute with you brings joy and love to my heart. I can see the love of God in your eyes, and it makes me happier to know you.”

24. “God has a plan for you, my love, and you are doing what you can to achieve it. I know it isn’t always easy, but I believe you, no matter what.”

25. “What is your top 10 list of the most important things in your life? What are you doing to make sure that you achieve these goals? Here’s what I am doing in my life.”

Bonus Inspirational Texts You Can Send To Your Man

26. “Inspiration can come from the most surprising sources. Just think of Issac Newton’s apple! Don’t let something that might not seem to matter pass you by because it seems so unimportant.”

27. “The hope I feel every morning comes from knowing I’ll text you soon and that you’ll be there for me whenever I need you. Know that I, too, am there whenever you need me. I love you.”

28. “Sometimes, saying ‘I love you’ can become like a habit or just words that you say without thought. Know that when I say ‘I love you,’ I mean it from the bottom of my heart.”

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29. “Magic is real. But it’s not in a deck of cards or in making a beautiful woman disappear. Every day is magic: the sun rising, the dew on the grass, and even the smile on your face.”

30. “Did you know that drawing a perfectly straight line without a ruler is almost impossible? There’s no reason to hold yourself to such levels of perfection. You’re perfect just how are you, my love.”

31. “Give yourself one reason to get up every day. One little goal that you need to do. You’ll quickly find even more things to do and will feel hope coming back to you when you need it most.”

32. “Having a rainy day? That rain helps the seeds of success in your life take root. And more rain, more struggles, will help your success thrive and flower to even greater levels.”

33. “Hope is like a bird on the wing. It might be a hard bird to catch sometimes, but when you have it in your hand, it can become your best friend. But you must feed it every day, or it might fly away again.”

34. “Every journey begins with a plan and a single action. You have to walk one foot before you can fly around the world. Make a small step towards your dream today. I know that you can do it.”

35. “Tell me something about yourself that is surprising. I’ll share something similar about me. Do you know what is awesome about this exercise? These things don’t matter because I still love you.”

36. “Waking up is never easy, I know. But remember that every day has new secrets and new wonders to tell you about yourself and the world around you. If you go back to sleep, honey, you’ll never know what to expect!”

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37. “As the sun comes up, I always think of our first date and the amazing time we had together. It’s amazing to think that we’re still together after all this time, and you still inspire me.’”

38. “There may be no escaping life’s end. But the journey to that point is what makes life worth living. So every moment you’re alive, seize the day and make it better than the last!”

39. “Even if today started out rough, I think you remember; this important fact: every day can be a beautiful day, the best day of your life, if you’re willing to make it that way. It’s there, waiting for you.”

40. “I believe that love gives birth to hope and happiness. I believe that my love for you helps make me a better person. I can’t wait to see you again soon.”

Try Out These Simple Messages

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The great thing about providing inspiration for your man is that he may start sharing inspirational thoughts with you. For example, if you open up the door for these types of communication, he is likely to reciprocate when you are down and need someone to tell you that everything is okay.

Just as importantly, you can build a stronger emotional connection by being each other’s strong side when the other person is down. That kind of benefit will make your relationship stronger and stabler for years.