How to Give a Guy Your Number Without Him Asking (Revealed)

My boyfriend was shy when we first met and it didn’t seem like he was going to ask for my number. I finally found someone interesting, yet had no idea about the secrets behind how to give a guy your number.

I am not the most confident person, yet I decided to take a chance. And it worked! Here you will learn everything you need to know about giving a guy your number, without seeming desperate.

How to Give a Guy Your Number

The best way to give a guy your number is to be straightforward and just give it to him. I could write a detailed strategy guide about the act of giving a guy your phone number, but truthfully, you do not need one.

Do not make a big deal out of it. Just say, “I’d love to meet up again at some point, take my number.” Try to be as casual and confident as possible. Bring out your phone as you say this.

Another less direct method is to make an excuse to give him your number. Doing this works well if you fear rejection. You aren’t directly saying you are interested or like him, though he should get the hint.

You can tell the guy you are new to this area and would love him to show you around. If you’re in a school setting, ask for his help figuring out this week’s assignment. Anything works, there is no right or wrong.

If it suits your personality, you can write your number down and hand it to him without saying anything. Doing this is pretty bold and requires confidence.

I do have a friend who did this at a bar. They are now in a loving relationship. No risk, no reward!  

The best advice I can give you about giving a guy your number, no matter how you do it, is confidence, confidence, confidence! Even if you don’t feel confident, fake it. Do your best and don’t be hard on yourself.

Dating is a numbers game, always has been, always will be. I would prefer to get rejected than miss a great opportunity.

How to give a guy your number 1

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1. Slip Him Your Number

A great way to give a guy your number is to hand it to him. Write your number on a piece of paper or napkin, or give him your business card if you have one. Another great option is to write your number on the check if there is a transaction involved.

2. Ask For Help

Guys love when you ask for their advice or help. Tell him you need help with something, get him to agree to it, and then naturally give him your number. It is always best to give him your number when there is a reason.

3. Flirt With Him

Turn up the heat to see how he responds. If he flirts back, that is a sign that you can give him your number, he wants it.

4. Become Friends

Tell him he seems really cool, and you would like to be friends. Ask for his number and give him yours. It is very normal to do this. And it doesn’t mean you can only be friends.

5. Talk About Plans

Talk about getting together sometime and suggest an activity. When he agrees to it, give him your number. It makes sense, otherwise how can you get together for the plans you discussed?

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I Gave Him My Number Without Him Asking

If you hit it off with a guy and realize the interaction is coming to a close, you may be wondering, “Why won’t he just ask for my number already?” The real question you should be asking is, “Why don’t I just give him my number?”

Just because he’s uncomfortable making the first move doesn’t mean the guy does not like you. It also does not make him less of a man. Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and take a chance. 

In movies, television, and society today, a man is expected to take control and express his interest before a woman. Guys are supposed to ask for our number, ask for a date, and ask for our hand in marriage.

Society and the entertainment industry has taught us that this is how it is supposed to be. I’m here to tell you that women can switch up the norm, sometimes. 

A woman giving a guy her number before he asks can take the pressure off of him. It will usually come as a pleasant surprise. Guys are not that much different than us girls. Most are scared of being rejected when asking for our number.

Because you take the initiative, a guy will probably become more intrigued. This will give him the confidence boost needed to lead the rest of the interaction. 

When I first met my boyfriend, we hit it off right away. The conversation just seemed to flow. I did my best to show interest, yet I could tell that he was extremely nervous. I sensed that he might not ask for my number.

I feared missing this opportunity more than I feared the rejection. So I took a chance and gave him my digits. This positive experience convinced me it is wrong to expect every man you meet to make the first move. 

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Should I Give Him My Number

It is definitely ok to give a guy your number without him asking. If you are interested in the guy, and he seems interested in you, you are better off taking a chance rather than missing an opportunity. Some guys are too scared to ask, not because they don’t like you, because they fear rejection.

He Asked for My Number but Hasn’t Texted

A guy asked for my number but never texted me, here are the possible reasons.

1. He’s Busy

You never know what is going on in someone’s life. Perhaps he just moved, or got a new job, or has some family issues. He might be busy and texting you unfortunately isn’t his priority.

2. He Lost Your Number

Did you write your phone number on a piece of paper? Maybe he forgot to save your contact in his phone. For some reason he just does not have your number.

3. He Has the Wrong Number

Maybe a digit was entered wrong into his phone. If you wrote down your number, maybe he cannot read your writing. For some reason he has the wrong number.

4. He’s Taken

If the guy has been dating a few different people, and has decided to get serious with one of them, chances are he’ll cut off contact with the others. This includes not texting new people he may have just met.

5. He’s Not Interested

He’s not interested in pursuing things with you. Most of the time, when I hear “I gave him my number but he hasn’t texted,” it is due to his lack of interest. Rejection is a natural and normal part of life. You will not like everyone, and everyone will not like you.

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How to give a guy your number 3

I Gave Him My Number When Will He Text Me

If a guy is interested he will most likely text you the same day or the next day. When you give a guy your number without him asking for it, you run the risk of being rejected. He might not be interested, or perhaps he is unavailable. 

It’s not the end of the world if you do not hear from him, it’s his loss. There are 4 billion men on the planet, “plenty of fish in the sea.”

You may feel hurt or disappointed. This is normal. Handle rejection with grace, don’t be reactive. You will probably meet another guy the following day.

I Gave Him My Number How Long Should I Wait

When you give a guy your number you should wait two days. Most guys will reach out the same day or the next day. After two days, your chances of hearing from him are low, yet he may surprise you and reach out within that first week. 

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What Do Guys Think When You Give Them Your Number

Guys definitely like it when you give them your phone number. My boyfriend and I have discussed our first interaction. He confirmed my suspicions, my boyfriend liked me very much and wanted my number.

He told me he felt paralyzed by fear, and was scared to ask. He said that he was super impressed that I gave him my digits. Men like women who go after what they want, confidence is very attractive.

He called me the next day, and from then on, had the confidence to be the man.

I am not saying you should give your number to every cute guy you see on the street. I don’t think I would be able to walk up to a random guy and give him my number, nor do I advise doing so.

I am talking about guys you have a genuine connection with after some sort of interaction. I know for myself I need to have a conversation first before deciding how I feel.

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It is 100% okay to give a guy your number if he doesn’t ask. I would not be with my boyfriend if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone and give him my number. I was scared and almost didn’t do it, yet I am glad I did.

When learning how to give a guy your number, keep in mind that it is not the end of the world if a guy doesn’t call or text back. Worst case you are back where you started, at least you tried.

Be proud that you took a chance and gave a guy your number. Whether or not anything happens, you are already successful for trying. Be confident, be bold, be brave. Guys like girls who go after what they want.

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