How To Respond When A Guy Says He Likes You (50 Responses)

Has a guy let you know that he “likes” you and you don’t know what to say? You’ve come to the right place.

Here are 50 responses that can help you to find the perfect thing to say:

How To Respond When A Guy Says He Likes You 

When A Friend Says He Likes You

1. I didn’t expect this, but it makes me really happy.

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2. You already know that I care about you and I’m ready to take it to the next level.

3. I was hoping you would say that.

4. I had suspected this, but I’m glad you told me.

5. My best friend likes me?!! This is the best news ever!

6. I have always seen you as a platonic friend, but I am happy to explore and try something else.

7. We are so close already that this should be a breeze.

8. You know, I’ve always liked you more than a friend as well. Thanks for being brave and saying something!

9. This will change everything, but I am down for the challenge!

10. Let’s take it slow so that we don’t ruin our friendship. I value that the most.

When A Guy Says He Likes You On A First Date

11. Thank you for letting me know! I’d love to go on another date again.

12. Wow, you are forward and fast! I like it.

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13. I feel the chemistry as well. I’m excited about getting to know you better.

14. I like you too. Do you want to head home with me tonight?

15. I’m flattered by this, but I am not ready to be serious yet.

16. You’re a great guy and I’d love to keep hanging out with you as friends!

17. This is so flattering, however, we need to take it slow. We’ve known each other for such a short time period already!

18. Do you really mean it? I was getting nervous, wondering how you felt!

19. I’m glad you said something because I felt the same way and wanted to let you know how much fun I had tonight.

20. I’m just not ready for a relationship right now. Thank you for a beautiful date and best of luck in the future.

When the Feeling Isn’t Mutual

21. I appreciate you being kind, but I don’t feel the same way.

22. I’m sorry that this is not what you wanted to hear, but there was never going to be a good time for me to say it. I don’t feel much chemistry here.

23. You’re really great and attractive too! However, I am just waiting until the timing feels right in my life.

24. I’m flattered, but I don’t think we can make this work right now.

25. You seem like a really great guy and you deserve the best! But it’s not me.

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26. You’re such an amazing person to be around; however, my heart is elsewhere at the moment.

27. I really like you, but it’s too early in our relationship for me to feel this way about you yet.

28. My feelings have changed since we’ve been talking lately and I don’t know what else to say! Please understand that my heart isn’t into us right now though.

29. You’re amazing in every way, but it just isn’t right.

30. I know that you don’t see it yet, but there are amazing things ahead for you! Don’t give up on yourself when the next person comes along who deserves your heart more than me.

When It’s An On and Off Relationship

31. We have our ups and downs, but I’ll always care for you.

32. How can we make this work when you’re always holding back?

33. I know these feelings aren’t mutual, but it’s difficult for me to move on right now, even though I see that there isn’t a future here.

34. It would kill me to lose you as my friend and watch you date other people all the time, but this is how it has to be for now.

35. I know that you don’t feel the same way about me anymore and I can respect your decision even if it breaks my heart.

36. You like me now, but you may feel differently later. Let’s take our time.

37. You know I like you too, but I need a serious commitment to move forward.

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38. I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear, but it’s important for me to be honest with my feelings.

39. You don’t feel the same way about me and that is okay! But I still want to remain friends because of how much fun we have together.

40. Let’s take a break from each other right now until we can screw out heads on straight.

When You’re Really Into Him

41. I have been waiting forever to hear this!

42. I wish you would have said something sooner so that we could have been together already.

43. I’ve been feeling this way for a while now and getting your feelings out there is scary! But it feels nice to finally get them off my chest too, because of how long they’ve been sitting here brewing inside me.

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44. Thank you for saying something! I was starting to wonder if you even liked me.

45. I am crazy about you! Didn’t you notice?

46. This is the best thing I’ve heard all day.

47. You had me worried there for a while! But now that you have said something, let’s make this happen right away.

48. Yes, yes, yes! Let’s make it official.

49. I’ve been waiting for this moment and as long as you’re sure that you feel the same way about me, then let’s make it happen!

50. I’ve always been yours! And now you’re mine. I’m so happy you told me.

What Will A Guy Do If He Likes You?

If your guy doesn’t directly tell you that he likes you, you may be wondering how to tell if a guy likes you. It can be hard to figure out what he’s thinking and feeling, but here are some clues:

He Will Flirt With You

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When a guy likes you, he will make sure to flirt with you and play along when flirting. He may even ask lots of questions about your life or career because he wants to learn as much as possible before getting closer to you.

He Will Start Spending More Time With You

If he’s trying to get closer with you, this is a good sign. He may even want to know what your schedule looks like or if there are any events coming up that you’re planning on going to. If you notice him showing up more than he previously did, it’s a clear sign that he’s interested in you.

He Will Act Different Around You

Has this guy’s attitude and energy changed around you? Perhaps you’ve noticed that he is a bit quiet when he speaks to you, or that he looks at you differently. If he starts acting awkward around you, it’s probably because he has feelings for you.

He may also act very outgoing around you as a way to impress you. He may also tell you that he likes spending time with you or will compliment your appearance.

He Will Text Or Call You More Often

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He may even text or call you first if he’s interested in you. If your guy calls you more often, it could be because he likes what you have to say and doesn’t want the conversation to end. It can also mean that he feels comfortable talking with you on the phone rather than face-to-face, meaning that he is working up the courage to let you know that he likes you.

He Will Ask You Out On A Date

If he has been asking you out on dates, it’s a strong sign that his feelings for you are stronger than just a friendship. You won’t have to wonder whether or not he is interested in you, but you may want to consider whether or not he is a player who is currently involved with other women.

Since he is directly asking you out, don’t be shy and ask him about his relationship status and feelings.

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