10 Best Ways to Meet a Guy in Your 40s FAST

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Meeting a guy isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do, but after 40, things get more complicated. Read on below and discover 10 of the best ways to meet a guy in your 40s FAST!

How to Meet a Guy in Your 40s

1. Make Yourself Available

couple taking inside restaurant

Making yourself available in your 40s is a must-do for the dating scene to actually open up. If you don’t seem available, guys pass right over you for someone who looks like they have more time on their hands.

2. Be Active Around Town

Being active around the town or city you live in is part of making yourself available, and meeting guys. The more active you are around town, whether for school, work, church, or otherwise, there’s a higher chance that guys will notice you more.

3. Have a Gym Membership

happy gym members

Having a gym membership in your 40s is another must-do if you want to meet guys. There is practically no better place to meet guys than the local gym, with the exception of the local hardware store. Plus, you get to stay fit and attractive by frequenting the gym!

4. Go to Private Events

When you get invites to private events, big or small, don’t say no! If you want to meet guys that you wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to rub shoulders with, private events are where the action is. You can always leave the event if you’re not feeling it.

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5. Go to Live Events

having fun in concert events

Live events are another great way to meet guys while in your 40s. Who doesn’t enjoy a concert or rodeo once in a while? Whatever it is you’re into, hit up live events and look for guys who share your interests.

6. Volunteer for a Cause

Volunteering for a cause that you really care about is an even better way to meet guys with similar interests than live events or private parties. Volunteers get to know each other over time as they work together for something they are passionate about. It is the perfect setup for meeting the right guy for a relationship!

7. Frequent Local Venues

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The more you hang out at regular spots, the more the locals guys see you around. The more they see you, the more curious they may be. Eventually, some of them will get the courage to approach you. Or, you may decide to take action yourself if some guy stands out from the rest of the crowd.

8. Use a Dating Service

There are always dating services to consider. In fact, many people in their 40s claim that dating apps worked better for them than physically going out and trying to meet someone. So, if all else fails, or socializing isn’t really your thing, you can always hit up a few apps!

9. Ask Friends for Blind Dates

man handing flower to his date

Believe it or not, blind dates are still a thing. Even more, your very best friends would probably be thrilled for the chance to set you up with one. If you’re not having any luck meeting a guy, why not ask around for a blind date, or even use an app?

10. Consider Dating Co-Workers

Last but not least, there is always the workplace to consider for meeting a guy in your 40s. Chances are, if you’re trying to meet a guy, you probably have a pretty busy lifestyle. A big part of your daily routine is more than likely at work… so why not start there?


How do you find a man in your 40s?

Finding a man in your 40s isn’t as hard as you may think. A few of the most practical methods include meet up groups, volunteering, hanging out at local spots, blind dates, and dating co-workers. You may also consider dating old friends, meeting new people overseas, and simply getting out and about the town more

Is dating harder in your 40s?

Dating isn’t necessarily harder in your 40s, albeit it is “different” than in your 30s or 20s. In your 40s, there is a lot less pretentiousness in relationships, as people are more mature and settling into their lives. There are also a lot fewer games involved, as well as shyness or beating around the bush about sex.

What are the odds of finding Mr. Right after 40?

Statistically, if you’re single in your 40s, the odds aren’t in your favor when it comes to meeting Mr. Right. But, what do the odds really mean? As long as you believe there is hope, there is. That said, the numbers say you have less than a 20-percent chance to find him before you turn 60, if you’re over 40 and still single.