10 Best Ways to Meet a Guy in NYC FAST

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Meetings guys in NYC just got a whole lot simpler. Read on below and discover the 10 best ways to meet a guy in NYC.

How to Meet a Guy in NYC

1. Cruise the Local Scene

walking people in city street

Whether you’re new in town, or are from NYC, and are looking to meet someone new, cruising the local scene is one of the best ways to make it happen.

It doesn’t matter whether you walk, bike, jog, or take the bus, all you need to do is get out there and find where the action is.

2. Join a Social Club

Social clubs, as odd as it may sound for those of us from smaller towns, are a pretty big thing in larger cities. They’re also one of the best ways to meet a guy in NYC. 

There are tons of social clubs to choose from, so get busy finding one that you’re perfect guy may be interested in as well!

3. Volunteer for a Cause

tree planting volunteers digging ground

Volunteering for a cause is another great way to meet guys in NYC. Similar to social clubs, minus the sometimes rigorous prerequisites, and other various qualification screenings, most organizations that work with groups of volunteers are easier to get into… and it’s free!

4. Take Class Locally

Taking classes in NYC is another low-key way to meet guys. The bonus is that they’ll obviously have at least one thing in common with you(whatever the class is about) to begin with, which makes starting conversations and getting to know them much easier.

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The downside is that you may show up to class on day one and realize there are no guys, or maybe non that look interesting to you!

5. Go to the Gym

Going to the gym to meet people may be cliche, but it is definitely a thing that no one can deny is real. If you want to meet a guy that is fit, or at least trying to be, and be able to peep his body before getting to know him, the gym is the place to go. 

gym partner showing body

But, beware: lots of guys know that women who go to the gym might be looking for a hookup/relationship.

6. Play Sports with Locals

NYC has several co-sex minor league sports associations that you could get involved with if you want to meet a physical guy who enjoys the same sport as you. 

Further, there are group pages on social media for unofficial groups/teams/clubs that play sports together in NYC.

7. Look Up/Join NYC Meetup Groups

Speaking of looking up group pages, there are also tons of NYC meetup groups. In fact, NYC has more meetup group pages on the internet than most cities in the world. 

No matter what your thing is, or what you are passionate about, there is bound to be an NYC meetup page for it where you can meet a guy!

8. Get a Part-Time Job

happy workers to serve coffee.jpg

Depending on the amount of work you want to put into things, you could always get a part-time job in the area you want to meet a guy.

Regardless of what part of town you live in, or where you’re from, consider how many eligible guys you’d meet while working in the area you want to date someone from.

9. Attend Local Events Often

Another old-school tactic that still works wonders, and always will, is attending local events often. The more you attend, the higher the odds that you’ll meet an interesting guy.

The biggest plus to this approach is that even if you don’t meet a guy, you’ll have a good time and enjoy the event itself anyhow!

10. Weekly Email Newsletters (Yes, It’s really a thing.)

woman looking at touch screen tablet

Weekly email newsletters seem kind of old-fashioned, but, believe it or not, they are seeing a reemergence in the dating scene lately.

Take Hot Singles for example. It’s a newish weekly email newsletter featuring eligible NTC singles with a waitlist (for being featured single of the week) that’s backlogged for over a year!


What are the best places to meet a guy in NYC?

Meetup groups, social clubs, classes, and dating apps are the best places to meet NYC guys There are countless places to meet guys in NYC, in person, as well. Some of the most popular include local events, gyms, music and entertainment venues, as well as neighborhoods bars and pubs.

Where is the best place to meet a man?

The best places to meet men, in general, in real life, include public parks, live events, hardware stores, bars, gyms, public transit, shops, and in nature parks.