How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Using the Law of Attraction

The relationship between you and your ex has ended. You feel as if the world is in shambles around you.

No matter what everyone else tells you, you have to have him back. You start researching all kinds of strategies online, reading anything and everything.

But there’s one strategy you might not have heard of just yet: the law of attraction. Wondering how to get your ex-boyfriend back using the law of attraction?

It can be an extremely powerful method when done right. Keep reading, and we’ll show you how it works.

What is the Law of Attraction (LOA)?

First things first: what is the law of attraction (also known as LOA)?

At its core, LOA can be defined as, “like attracts like.”  It’s basically when you use positive thinking and visualization to will what you want to happen into reality.

Yes, that means you’re essentially willing your ex-boyfriend to come back. But it’s not an unusual concept; many spiritual practices around the world revolve around the concept of manifestation, or using your will to alter reality.

The law of attraction is just one of these belief systems, with tons of firm believers.

With the law of attraction, it’s especially important to acknowledge that everyone has free will. You can’t force your ex-boyfriend to fall in love with you again if he doesn’t want to.

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But, like its name implies, you can use LOA to make yourself way more attractive to your ex. If he was against getting back together before, he may just change his mind when you use this unbelievable method correctly. You can magnify its strength when you combine it with a knowledge of men’s psychology, too.

Does the law of attraction actually work

"So even if using LOA doesn't magically make your ex-boyfriend fall in love with you all over again, it will make you amazingly desirable to him..."

You might be skeptical. Maybe you’re asking yourself, will this actually work?

The answer, believe it or not, is yes. But there’s a caveat.

No, simply sitting there and visualizing something isn’t likely to bring about the results you want. However, visualizing it and willing it to happen is a great way to psych yourself up.

You’ll pump up your confidence to crazy heights using the law of attraction. We shouldn’t have to tell you, but we will: confidence is one of the sexiest traits anyone can have.

So even if using LOA doesn’t magically make your ex-boyfriend fall in love with you all over again, it will make you amazingly desirable to him…

No matter what, we think that’s worth something, don’t you?

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How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Using the Law of Attraction

Get to a positive state of mind.

Before you can begin using the law of attraction effectively, you need to make sure you can be as positive as it requires. You can’t use it correctly if you’re filled with confusion, hurt, and anger – all of which are natural feelings after a breakup.

You’ll need to begin healing. We firmly believe one of the best ways to accomplish that is with a no contact period.

When you undergo a no contact period, you agree not to talk to your ex at all for a specific amount of time. That amount is up to you, but it ranges from two weeks to a few months.

Our personal suggestion is at least four weeks. During this time, you should focus on taking steps to make yourself feel healthier and happier.

Shower, get exercise, talk to your loved ones…whatever lightens your heavy heart. When those emotional storm clouds start to clear out, you’re ready for the next part.

Start focusing on your ex-boyfriend and the best parts of your relationship.

With your heart a little lighter, now you can start to visualize what you actually want to happen. Hold on to the best times you had with your ex-boyfriend.

Remember the times he made you laugh and smile. Think about all mornings and evenings you woke up or fell asleep in his arms.

Imagine them happening again. Tell yourself these things are going to happen once more.

They’re going to happen because you’re winning your ex-boyfriend back. Don’t think of getting him back as something that’s happening in the future – think of it as something that’s happening now, something that’s in progress at this moment.

You obviously can’t keep up this train of thought at all hours of the day, but set aside some time to meditate on these thoughts when you can. For instance, in the morning, imagine waking up with him, and at night, imagine falling asleep with him.

It’s happening because you are making it happen.

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Don’t think about the things you don’t want to happen.

"While you're focusing on your ex-boyfriend, you should avoid dwelling on the things you don't want to happen."

It’s worth noting that the law of attraction is all about positivity, not negativity. While you’re focusing on your ex-boyfriend, you should avoid dwelling on the things you don’t want to happen.

As an example, don’t sit there and think about how you don’t want him to hate you. Don’t think about how you absolutely couldn’t stand him dating another woman.

Instead, imagine the positive opposites of these scenarios. Rather than think, “I don’t want my ex-boyfriend to fall in love with someone else,” think, “I want my ex-boyfriend to fall back in love with me.”

After you’ve spent some time meditating on what you want to happen, talk to your ex.

One thing you might notice the more you practice using the law of attraction is that the things you want seem so real, you can almost taste them. It will be almost as if you could just reach out and find your ex-boyfriend lying next to you again at night.

And as you continue to focus on the positive, telling yourself it’s happening because you’re making it happen, you’ll probably find your confidence rising.

Once you’re finished with your no contact period, hold onto that confidence. Now you’re going to use it.

You’ll want to reach out to your ex again to give a little oomph to the law of attraction. Don’t just wait around and let the opportunity pass you by – sometimes, we have to make our own destiny.

We suggest reaching out to him again by text or social media. These are the easiest methods, and they’re probably more convenient for him, too.

The first few times you talk again after the breakup should be as optimistic and easy as possible. Don’t dive right into the deep discussions from the beginning, because chances are, he’s still recovering, too.

Don’t let go of that confidence and peace while you talk. Keep remembering: he’s getting back together with you, because you’re working on making it happen.

If you need some help figuring out what to say to him, you can check out our guide to what to text your ex-boyfriend after a no contact period.

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Work your way up to hanging out with him again.

As you talk to him more, your goal should be to get him to agree to see you. While we think technology and LOA are powerful tools to help you get him back, the actual discussion where you decide to date again is best had face-to-face.


Because much of our communicating is done with our tone and our body language. You can use these things in person who show him how sincere you are.

On top of that, you’ll be able to rock a gorgeous outfit that will undoubtedly work a little magic on him when he lays eyes on you.

But we digress. The point is, you’ll want to try and ask him to hang out with you.

Read his mood. Make sure he seems receptive and friendly towards you.

If he’s giving you the green light, ask him to meet you somewhere informal to chat a little more. We’ve said before that casual restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are great places for meeting up, and we’re sticking to our guns on that one.

In person, you’ll have to do a little more reading between the lines. He might not seem ready to have serious relationship negotiations just yet, but if he’s again receptive and there’s chemistry between you, you can steer the conversation in that direction.

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Accepting Rejection with Grace

"Some of the most beautiful things in the world are flowers that bloom fiercely in the spring and summer, only to wilt in the winter."

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Although it’s an incredible method, LOA isn’t an absolute, 100% guarantee that you’ll end up with your ex again.

Remember, the foundation of LOA is that we all have free will. Try as you might, you can’t impose your will over your ex-boyfriend’s.

You can certainly pump up your attractiveness so he’s much more inclined to want you back…but you can’t force him.

He may reject you at this point in time. Don’t take that as a failure.

His rejection just means not now. Who’s to say what could happen between you in the future?

And even if it never happens, you still had a great thing together. Some of the most beautiful things in the world are flowers that bloom fiercely in the spring and summer, only to wilt in the winter.

Appreciate what you had. Know that you will find something like it again (maybe even better), and it may be with someone else entirely.

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Amp Up Your Attractiveness to your Ex-Boyfriend

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Rejection happens, yes…but you can make it less likely when you know what’s going on in a man’s mind and how to use that against him.

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