How to Ask a Guy to Watch a Movie With You (Examples In Person & Over Text)

Trying to figure out how to ask a guy to watch a movie with you? You’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to be giving you multiple templates of what to say along with clever ways to go about it.

How to Ask a Guy to Watch a Movie with You?

Just go for it!

You don’t need a segue or a clever little line to ask a guy to go to the movies with you. If you’re looking for tips and tricks, that’s what we’re here for and you’ll find them below. But I have to say that being direct is a turn-on. You don’t have to disguise your interest. 

Something as simple as “do you want to see a movie with me this weekend?” is a tried and true line that has stood the test of time. 

For a modern updated version, try: “The new Halloween movie comes out tonight! I’ll buy the tickets if you buy the popcorn!”

Work the actor/actress into the conversation

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Is there a particular actor or actress in this movie that’s hot in the zeitgeist right now? Bringing up someone in the movie makes the invitation way less clunky and appears effortless.

Here’s how you do it: 

“Did you see Zendaya’s red carpet look? Way different than she looks in ‘Dune’. Have you watched the trailer yet? It looks amazing! We should go!”

“Did you hear all the crazy rumors about how Armie Hammer acted on the set of ‘Call Me By Your Name’? Now I wanna see it to see what all the fuss was about! Should we watch it tonight?”

Ask him if he’s read the book 

man reading a book in his library

Okay, so obviously this one requires that the movie be based on a book. These days though, with barely any original content coming out, basically every new movie release is based on a book/graphic novel, or it’s one in a series (see tip #3).  

If he’s read the book, ask him if he’s excited to see the movie! Bookworms get nervous about movie adaptations. Offer to be there for him! 

Try these out:

“Are you worried that this ‘Dune’ remake is going to ruin your favorite book? We should watch it together so you don’t have to brave it alone!”

“Did you read the novel that ‘The Green Knight’ is based on? I did too! So few people have! We should totally go see the movie together.”

Is he invested in the series?

Like I mentioned above, there’s not a whole lot of originality in the movies coming out lately. Whether it’s Jurassic Park, Avengers, Batman, or even the Matrix, you’ll find no shortage of series to use for this tip.

For example: 

“I loved the original Matrix series – I’m so excited to see what they’re going to do with it in this new one coming out! Should we go see it?!”

“‘Thor: Ragnarok was so great, there’s no way that ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ can live up to it. Do you wanna see it together when it comes out?”

Bring up the reviews

Bringing up what other people are saying about the movie is a great way to introduce the idea that you should go see it together. This system can go either way – whether the movie is getting terrible reviews or fantastic ones!

If your guy is a movie lover, bait him with the great reviews and tell him the movie is unmissable! He’ll jump at the chance to see it with you.

“Can you believe that Rotten Tomatoes gave the new ‘Candyman’ 84%? That’s so high for a horror movie! It must be something special. We should go see it tonight before it’s out of theaters!”

If he’s more of a sarcastic goofball, mention that a mutual friend went and saw the movie and said it was hilariously bad. Invite him to come make fun of it with you!

“Can you believe that ‘Old’ even got made? I hear it’s so bad that it’s good. Like it’s funny, but it’s not trying to be. Should we go see it and decide for ourselves tonight?”

No spoilers!

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Instagram, Twitter and TikTok looove to spoil movies. I feel like everywhere I look, there’s a meme or clip that I have to scroll by really fast! I’m weird though – I don’t even like to watch movie trailers. 

Mention to him that you have to see this movie right away before it gets ruined for you! If he agrees, suggest that you go together!

“OK, TikTok seriously wants to ruin the end of ‘Old’ for me. I have to go see it today before the twist gets spoiled! Have you seen it yet? We should go together!”

“These ‘Mortal Kombat’ memes are killing me! Have you been seeing them everywhere too? We gotta go see it before I find out the whole plot from Instagram.” 

Ask him for his LetterBoxd

Getting an inside look at what kind of movies he likes on LetterBoxd will give you a more informed approach so you won’t be going in blind!

Here’s an example of how you could work it into a date: 

“Omg, you love scary movies too! Do you want to go see the new ‘Paranormal Activity’ with me? Everyone else is too scared to see it!”

“Your reviews are so thoughtful! I feel like sometimes I leave the theater and have no idea what I just watched. Wanna go see ‘The Woman in the Window’ tomorrow night so you can teach me your ways?”

How Do You Ask a Guy to the Movies Over Text

  1. Hey, not to be all Ghostface-y, but do you like scary movies? There’s a new ‘Halloween’ movie out and everyone’s too scared to see it with me! (refer to tip #6 for how to figure out what kind of movies he likes)
  2. Omg everyone has seen The Many Saints of Newark EXCEPT ME! Have you seen it yet? Do you wanna go together?
  3. Dude [insert mutual friends’ names here] are saying A24 killed it again with The Green Knight. Let’s go see it so we can be a part of the convo!
  4. Okay that’s IT. I almost had Malignant spoiled for me for the LAST TIME. Wanna go see it tonight so I can actually enjoy social media again?
  5. I’m p sure we’re the only people that care about Dune since we’re the only ones who read the book lol. Wanna go see if the movie ruins it this weekend?
  6. I hear our boy Nic Cage is in that new Prisoners of Ghostland movie coming out this weekend. Wanna go support him at the box office this weekend?

Is Watching a Movie Together a Date? 

couple watching a movie

I know this is an annoying answer, but my answer is… it depends! I think any movie-going-venture can turn into a date even if it doesn’t start out that way. Do a vibe check before you sit down. Does he seem flirty? Excited to be with you? Bored? (Hopefully not that last one!) If you get a ~datey vibe~, try holding his hand during the movie, or grabbing his arm during a scary part! This’ll give you a surefire answer.

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