How to Ask a Guy to Spend the Night With You (6 Easy Ways)

Wondering how to ask a guy to spend the night with you? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to give you 6 easy ways with examples to get him to stay over…

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How to Ask a Guy to Spend the Night With You

1. Cook Him Dinner at Your Place

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When someone comes over for dinner, they usually don’t rush as much as they would in a restaurant. This is a great way to take time to get to know each other and relax without a time limit. It could possibly even lead to him spending the night!

If you have never cooked for a guy before, don’t go all out and make something super fancy unless you are very experienced in the kitchen. Stick to simple dishes that won’t take forever to cook so you can both relax and connect.

If you want to go for a romantic vibe during dinner, dim the lights and light candles! Creating a signature drink is also a way you can help him to feel more comfortable in your home.

How to Ask Him to Spend the Night:

When you’re ready to ask him to spend the night, say something like, “I had such a great time tonight, and you’re welcome to stay the night if you’re feeling full and don’t want to drive.”

2. Ask Him to Watch a Movie at Your Place

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Netflix and chill is a phrase that has become popular in recent years, but it’s really just another way of saying “spend the night.” Watching something together also opens up a lot of room for cuddling and maybe even some kissing.

Make sure to watch something that you’re both interested in and that is somewhat positive so that the movie or show doesn’t sour anyone’s mood.

How to Ask Him to Spend the Night:

After you’ve finished watching something with him, you can say something like “I’m really comfortable relaxing with you and hardly want to move! Do you want to stay at my place tonight instead of going home?”

3. Plan a Small Overnight Trip

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This one is pretty obvious. If you plan a trip that is two days or longer, you’ll have guaranteed an overnight experience. It’s also a great way to get away for the weekend and travel somewhere new with your new guy. If the place has the right atmosphere, it may add to the romance and get your guy excited to sleep over.

You can focus on getting out into nature in a beautiful cabin, and just relax together. If you’re more active, you can consider seeing a concert or event in a nearby town and renting a hotel room for the night instead of driving home.

How to Ask Him to Spend the Night:

Since you’ll already be spending the night together, your next move will be asking him if he wants to join you in the bed! You can say something like, “I had such a great time with you, and I want to keep spending quality time together. Do you mind if we sleep in the same bed tonight? There’s plenty of space for us both!”

4. Invite Him to Breakfast

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Ask your guy out for a breakfast date, and make sure to plan it early in the morning. If he says he is more of a night owl and can’t make it out in time, it’s the perfect opportunity to suggest that he spends the night the day before.

This move could be a bit forward since you’re basically asking him to make plans with you overnight. However, it’s important that he knows you’re interested in this happening so he can pick up on your hints.

How to Ask Him to Spend the Night:

He may say that breakfast is too early. In this case, you can say, “I totally understand. Would you like to sleep over the night before? You can even sleep in while I get everything ready!”

If he agrees to meet and has no problem with an early breakfast, you can say, “That’s great! I’m looking forward to it, and just want you to know that I’m perfectly comfortable with you spending the night beforehand if that makes it easier for you.”

5. Suggest a Romantic Evening (In or Out)

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If your new man hasn’t invited you to spend the night or asked to stay at your place, it may be a good idea to turn up the romance to show him you’re interested in moving forward.

In addition to watching a movie and having dinner, you could make plans to walk along the beach or watch a meteor shower. Make sure to have some confidence and flirt with him to show that you’re not afraid of being close together.

How to Ask Him to Spend the Night:

It’s best to make small comments throughout the night so that he knows you’re interested in him coming home with you. You could say something like, “It’s nice to be out together,” or “When we’re spending time together it feels so right.”

If the chemistry is going well and he is responding warmly to you, go ahead and say something more direct like, “I’m really comfortable with you and don’t want this night to end. Do you want to sleep over tonight?”

You could also say, “If it gets late, I hope that is okay because I would love to keep spending time with you.”

6. Ask Him Directly

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If you’re ready to spend the night with your new guy, the best thing to do is to tell him directly. You can take time to have a conversation about where the two of you are at in your relationship. You can do this in person, on the phone, or even through text messaging. Use your best judgment to decide which communication method is most appropriate.

How to Ask Him to Spend the Night:

A direct way of communicating this would be by letting him know how you feel. You can say something like “I’ve been meaning to tell you how much fun I’ve had getting to know you. I would really love it if you stayed the night at my house after our next date if you feel comfortable with that.”

It’s always a good idea to let him know your feelings before asking about his thoughts. You’ll come off as confident and sure of yourself, which most men appreciate.

How Long Should You Date Before Spending the Night?

When you first start dating someone, it can be difficult to know how long to wait before inviting them over. There are no hard and fast rules here – every relationship is different.

As a rule of thumb, you should wait until the third date before spending the night. This will give you enough time to get to know each other, see if there is chemistry, and get to see each other in different contexts.

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