How to Ask a Guy His Name (First or Last) Without Being Awkward!

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Wondering how to ask a guy about his first and/or last name? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll give you concrete examples of how to get out it of him without being awkward.

Let’s begin…

How to Ask a Guy His First Name

Here are some ways you can ask a guy for his first name. You can change the dialogue slightly if you have met him before and don’t remember his name. Remember, most people understand when someone forgets their name – it happens to everyone!

Ask Him Directly

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The best way to learn a guy’s name is by directly asking him for it. If you two have never met before, this shouldn’t be an awkward situation. You can simply say, “Hi there, nice to meet you! I didn’t catch your name.”

If you’ve already met him before, you’ll want to let him know you remember him even if you can’t remember his name. You can say something like “Hi there, great to see you again! Can you remind me of your name?”

Introduce Yourself

Another great way to figure out a guy’s name is by letting him know yours first. You can say, “Hi there, I’m (your name). What’s your name?” This is a very friendly way to get his attention and show him you’re happy to share a bit about yourself.

If you have met before, you can change your statement to “Hey! I’m (your name), in case you forgot. Could you remind me of your name?”

Make It a Guessing Game

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If you want to ask him more playfully about his name, you can make a guessing game out of it. You can say something like, “You look like a Charlie but sound like a Paul. Am I close at all?”

You can also ask him what letter his name starts with and guess from there. Feel free to play the guessing game in the other direction when he wants to know what your name is.

This move is best for those who have a good sense of humor and can keep a moment feeling light and fun. It’s probably not the best option if you’ve previously met the person, because it may backfire and extend the awkwardness as you try to remember each other’s names.

Ask Them to Text You

One great way to find out someone’s name without directly asking them is by giving them your phone number. Then say, “Text me your name so I have your number and can add it to my phone.”

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This is a great method if you’re looking to avoid the embarrassment of telling him you forgot his name. It’s also perfect if you don’t want to make it seem like you’re too invested in him by asking for his full name right away.

Let Him Know You’re Bad With Names

If you’re simply terrible with names, tell him! You can say something like “I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name. I suck at remembering names.”

This way, if you forget his name in the future, there will be very little pressure. He’ll know you mean well and were simply having an off day.

Compliment His Personality

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It’s not such a big deal if we forget people’s names if we have other strong connections with them. This is a great way to soften the question when you want to know a guy’s first name. You can say: “Wow, I got so caught up in this wonderful conversation that I totally forgot to ask your name.”

He will be so delighted that you were listening so well you forgot to ask his name, and probably won’t mind telling you.

Start a Conversation About Names

Another great way to find out a guy’s first name is by starting a conversation about names. You can say “What did your parents decide on for your first name?” or “How many siblings do you have? Do they all have similar names?”

This is a great way to get comfortable with each other and create a natural dialogue as you get to know each other. If you learn a bit about his family’s history, you may even be more likely to remember his first name next time.

Ask Through Someone Else

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If you want to avoid the awkwardness of asking someone his name, ask through another person. You can say “Can you tell me what his name is?”

You can even ask a friend to ask the guy directly, or one of the guy’s friends. This can be quite a bit of work, but if you don’t want to ask him directly this may be your best bet.

How to Ask a Guy His Last Name

We usually don’t ask for a guy’s last name when we first meet, or even on a first date. If you’ve been on a few dates and feel more comfortable, you may be ready to ask.

Ask Him Directly

Just as with first names, the simplest solution is to ask him directly. You may say, “I’m curious, what’s your last name?” You can share your last name with him as well so he doesn’t feel like you’re not sharing as well.

Tell Him He Looks Familiar

If you don’t want to feel like you’re interrogating him as you find out his last name, you can use a very subtle method. You could say “I feel like I’ve seen your face before. What’s your last name? I may remember when I hear it.”

Ask About His Family’s Lineage

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You can ask him about his cultural background as a way to start a question about his last name. For example, if you find out that he is Irish, you can say something like “Oh, your family is from Ireland? Do you have one of those typical Irish last names like Murphy or O’Connor?”

He will be happy to share his last name and won’t have any feelings of you delving in too deep.

Tell Them You Want To Get Tickets for an Event

If you have met this guy a few times and have gone to a couple of events together, it’s reasonable that you would want to know his last name in case you needed to get tickets to an event.

You can say “I’m so excited about the concert in two weeks, but I have no idea what your last name is! If you let me know, I can put your information on the ticket”

He’ll probably be flattered that you thought of his name so quickly, and this is a great way of getting the info without feeling like it’s an interrogatory session.

Tell Him You Want to Look Up His Website

If this guy is an artist, musician, or another type of person who has a website, you can say “I love your work; do you have an online portfolio or something? I would like to follow up with what’s happening in the future.”

He’ll know that you are not trying to stalk him but actually want updates about his career. If he doesn’t share it right away, you can text him later on and say “I meant that I would like to follow your work. Do you have a website?”

His last name may be in the URL of his website, or you may find it in a bio or about section on his site.

Tell Him You Want to Network on LinkedIn

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People are more open to sharing their full names when it’s in a professional networking context. If you’re on a few dates with him and the relationship starts heading into networking territory, you can say “Can I connect with you on LinkedIn? Who knows, I may have a couple of client ideas for you in the future!”

He’ll take this as a sign that you are interested in his professional life, and he will be more likely to share his last name with you.

Final Thoughts

Names are the most important part of a person’s identity, and they can be hard to remember at times. If you want to ask for a guy’s name but are scared that it will seem intrusive or annoying, try one of these methods! You’ll come off as confident, smart, and interested in the guy; all great qualities to have.