How to Ask a Guy His Age (9 Subtle Techniques)

Wondering how to ask a guy about his age? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll give you 9 subtle techniques to find out how old a guy is without being awkward…

How to Ask a Guy His Age

Don’t ask him his age in a blunt way. Keep the conversation light and fun and make the question a natural extension of the topic at hand. You can also try to ask him questions related to age without directly bringing up the subject yourself.

Here are some ways to ask a guy his age without being too obvious or direct:

1. Talk About Childhood Memories

kid watching old tv show

Reminisce on being a little kid again and find out what you had in common with him during those years. For example, you can say something like, “So how old were you when you got your first computer? I remember I was 10 years old when my parents brought their first computer home.”

You can also ask him about television shows that he loved watching as a kid, or his favorite movies in high school. With a little common sense, his answers will help you to figure out how old he is within a range of a few years.

2. Ask How Old a Friend of His Is

If you know other people that this guy hangs out with, you can ask him how old his friend is. It’s likely that he is close in age to his friends, but this isn’t the most reliable way to find out his age if he hangs out with a diverse group of people.

You can say something like, “So how old is your friend Jeff? I think I saw him at the bar last night, but I wasn’t sure if he was 21 yet.” Your guy is likely to feel comfortable with sharing this information.

3. Tell Them They Look Younger Than They Are

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A kind way to directly ask a guy about his age is by guessing it. The polite thing to do is to always guess a few years younger than the age you actually think he is. This saves him from the awkwardness of revealing his age and also makes him feel younger and more attractive.

For example, if he looks like a man in his early 30s, try guessing that he is 26 instead – this would make him feel comfortable with sharing his real age. Or say something like “It’s hard to guess your age sometimes because you don’t have a single gray hair in your beard! I’d say you’re 30, right? You look great.”

4. Ask About Their Favorite Bands

Musical taste is a huge indicator of age. If he says that his favorite band is the Beatles, it’s safe to say that he was born in or before 1970 because this iconic group started their career in the 1960s. So you can guess his age accordingly based on what decade they were popular.

You can also discuss what was popular during certain decades to get a better sense of how old he was during this time. You can ask him about the 90s and what he was doing. This will help you to determine whether or not his teenage years were during the 90s, which is a good indication of how old he is now.

Music isn’t always the best way to figure out a guy’s age, because he may be an “old soul” who picks up on more classic music that was popular decades ago. Making these kinds of assumptions can help you to figure out a guy’s age, but it won’t help you figure out an exact number.

5. Talk About Self-Development & Life Goals

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Discussing bigger picture topics usually brings up the question of what age you want to have certain goals accomplished by. For example, you can say “I always wonder what age some people were when they found out who they really are and learned the kind of person that they want to be.”

You can also discuss these turning points as well, like “What was your turning point in life? When did you know for sure that this is what you wanted to do?”

6. Tell Him You Have No Idea How Old He Is

If you want to bring up the topic of age without directly asking a guy, you can play it off as ignorance. You can simply say, “I honestly have no idea how young or old you are” or “I bet I’m at least 15 years younger than you, right?”

This can make him feel more comfortable about how old he is and he will feel comfortable telling you without any pressure.

7. Ask About His Zodiac Sign

birth chart

If you want to ask a guy about his age without directly asking him, you can talk about astrology. You can say something like “I’m a Libra, so we’re pretty similar. What’s your sign?”

This may lead to a conversation where the guy will share his birthday with you. You can move the topic in this direction and he may naturally share his age while telling you about his upcoming birthday.

If you want to know exactly what age he is, you should ask if you can take a look at (or lookup) his birth chart. A birth chart is like a horoscope, but it also has his exact birthdate and time on it. It’s easy to quickly calculate online when you know someone’s birth details.

For some people, even looking up a birth chart may feel like too much pressure, so you should only ask for this information if you’re both into astrology and it feels like a normal progression in the conversation.

8. Compare Him to Another Person

A gentler way to ask someone about their age is by comparing it to someone else. You may say something like “You look like my brother, he’s about four years younger than me.”

The guy may confirm that he is close in age to your brother. While you won’t know the details, you will know the general age range that he is.

9. Look Him up on Social Media

social media

You can, of course, bypass trying to guess a guy’s age at all and simply look him up on social media, Linked In, or Google. Not everyone lists their age on social media, but you can usually infer an approximate age by checking out their pictures, friends, and even posts.

You may have to friend him or follow him to get this information, but it can be a quick way to determine what his age is.

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