How to Ask a Guy About Another Girl (EXPLAINED)

The key to learning how to ask a guy about another girl lies in your confidence level, and your expectations. You can have fun with this too. Bring out the confidence that brought him into your life in the first place. Put the flirt on, and talk to him like a human.

Set realistic expectations, and assume nothing. These strategies will help you to get the answer that you need.

We can help you out with the logistics of how to ask a guy about another girl. Use one (or all) of these 5 ways to get that conversation going.

How Do You Ask a Guy About Another Girl?

It is hard to ask a guy if they’re talking to another girl because you think it will all end right there. The problem with this is that it feels like a segue into The Talk which freaks guys out, girls too. Remember, he will probably be flattered to know that you want to be at the top of his mind. That’s a good tone to get any conversation going.

Use these 5 ways to start that conversation.

Be Confident

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In every single poll with guys ever, confidence is the number one thing that they find sexy with a woman. Asking this question is a gesture of confidence on your part. The dude is going to like this question for a number of reasons. Just ask him. Be cute. Be flirty.

  • Are you talking with anyone else, or can we text until 3 in the morning again?
  • Am I keeping you from someone or are you all mine tonight? *wink*

Confidence is attractive, and it tells him a lot about you when you come right out and ask. It also takes some pressure off of him.

Ask How You Would Want to be Asked

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Think of how you want to be asked this question, and ask him that way. It’s that simple. How would you want to be asked?

You would probably want to be asked in a way that was pressure-free and maybe had some fun in it.

  • Am I the only girl you are talking to?
  • Do you have a girlfriend?
  • Are you seeing anyone else?

Picture how you would want to see this text or phone call come in, and then do that.

Ask Early in a Date

Dating is about getting to know somebody, it’s not about knowing in advance every single thing and then deciding from there. Ask early in a date as part of the getting to know you process.

  • Do you date a lot?
  • Do you talk to a lot of women?

Ask early, over appetizers or a glass of wine, and be okay with the answer.

Be Okay With the Answer Before You Ask

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It’s easier to ask a question if you are okay with the answer before you even ask it. Remember that you are just gathering data here, you are not planning the rest of your life. You might be, without even realizing it. However, that isn’t the goal of this question.

Be okay with the answer, and not weird about it either way, before you even ask. Then it will be easier to ask the question in any way.

  • Do you mind if I ask, are you talking to anybody else?
  • Are you looking for something serious or do you date a lot?

Don’t Make Assumptions

Don’t ask without asking him, such as through checking his phone or Facebook creeping. Don’t start with an assumption like, “I know you had lunch with so-and-so the other day and was just wondering…”

You don’t want any negative connotations in this conversation, that is why guys avoid this conversation. This doesn’t even need to be an entire conversation. You are looking for a straight yes or no answer.

Don’t be negative, have a negative emotion, or be upset before you even ask the question. Yes, he will know if you are. If you aren’t in a good place with this question, it’s not the time to be asking it. Wait until you are both in a good mood with each other before you ask.

How to Ask a Guy If They’re Sleeping with Another Girl

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Talking to another girl and sleeping with another girl are two different things. You have a right to decide if you want to be involved in that or not. Don’t not ask this question because you feel like you may not have the right to the answer.

There are also obvious health concerns, but this is not something you want to bring up. This is something we all know about, and it is also implied that health may be a reason you are asking. You don’t need a reason to ask, you have one if he wants to sleep with you.

Just ask. Be casual, and find a way to bring it into the conversation when the topic of sex comes up. Ask before you are getting undressed, well before you are even near a bedroom.

  • Would you hate it if I asked if you were sleeping with anyone else?
  • Use whatever codeword has already come up: Am I the only one you are “making popcorn” with?

How to Ask Him If He Likes Another Girl

We are treading into none of your business territory here, so be careful with this one. At the same time, think of how you would feel if he asked you. You would be flattered either way. He will be too.

The question, “Are you interested in anyone else” works, and again, context is everything. Use the environment you met him in to lead into this question, “Are you talking to anybody else on the website? Have you dated anyone else from the church?”

This is a question you can be a little oblique or fuzzy on and get the answer you want. If he’s completely into you, you will know from the answer if you ask using your environment as a basis.

Wrap Up – Ask and You Shall Receive

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When it comes to asking this question, the most important thing is that you ask it. It’s an important question, especially if you want to be serious. However, even if you don’t want to be, you need to know so that you know how to play fairly in all scenarios.

Be direct, and don’t not ask the question. You can be direct and casual at the same time. If you don’t get a straight answer, take that non-response as a response. Don’t make assumptions, and do it the right way. Be direct, flirt a little, and you will get the answer you are looking for.

Jenny Muscolo
Jenny Muscolo

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