25 Friday Texts for Her She’ll Love to Read

Friday night is the most celebrated night of the week, period. The work week is over and it’s time to let loose and have a good time.

Read on below and explore these 25 Friday texts for her she’ll love to read!

Friday Texts for Her

  • It’s Friday! Where’s the party tonight? Your place or mine?
  • Hey beautiful! What are we going to get into tonight? It’s Friday!
  • Woo! Party time! Are you on the way? You already know what time it is! (PARTY TIME)
  • You, me, and a candlelit dinner for two at my place tonight. Sound like a good Friday night?
  • What sort of chaos do you have in mind for tonight, love? Fridays are the best!
  • It’s Friday… let’s celebrate at TGI Fridays! I’m paying!
  • Do you know what I love the most about Fridays? You and me, together, with nothing to do but each other 🙂
  • Does it feel like heaven? It’s Friday!
  • If our bosses knew how less productive we are on Fridays they would fire us… XD
  • Mankind! It’s Friday morning! TIME TO CELEBRATE
  • This Friday should be a lot more fun than last weekend! Let’s make sure
  • Forget about yesterday and don’t worry about tomorrow… it’s Fri-damn-day, today!
  • I couldn’t be a happier man… you are in my life… and it’s FRIDAY
  • I’m so happy it’s finally Friday… want to come over and… “relax” …?
  • I don’t care about Monday through Thursday… I live for Friday and the time I get to spend with you
  • Friday is the best day of all time… nothing to go to bed early for, no reason to get up early, and I get to spend all night with you
  • Did you ever notice how so many of our greatest memories took place on a Friday?
  • Here’s to an amazing Friday night! Can’t wait to see you
  • Happy Friday, baby! I hope your evening is as relaxing or exciting as you wish it to be
  • I’m so glad Friday is here. I look forward to spending the whole weekend with you
  • All I seem to do all week is think about seeing you and being with you on Friday
  • *sings to you* I love you, you love me, let’s get together because its Friday and go party
  • You are mine tonight. It’s Friday, and I’m having things my way… or the highway… you decide
  • You love me, I love you, It’s Friday and the week is through… my oh my, whatever could we think to do?
  • FRRIIIDDDDDAAAAAAYYY-UH!!!!! *done in my best Mel Gibson/William Wallace voice*
Jenny Muscolo
Jenny Muscolo

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