20+ Examples of What to Text a Guy You Just Met

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So you’ve just met a guy and you’ve already got his number. First of all, congratulations!

Clearly, he liked you so much, he just had to make sure he could keep talking to you. You’re already off to a great start.

But that’s just it: you’re still at the start. Now that you’ve got his number, you’re going to need to figure out what to say to him, right?

Luckily, you’re in the right place. We’ll lay down some options for you, including examples of what to text a guy you just met.

But we’re going to start by giving you a few guidelines first.

Texting Do’s and Don’ts

Do: Take the initiative and text him first.

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A lot of the time, waiting for him to text you first is a fine strategy. It cloaks you in an air of intrigue, and makes him want to chase you.

But when you’ve just met a guy, you’re in this unusually delicate stage. That’s why it’s more appropriate to take the initiative here and send him a text first.

Don’t be shy. He’ll be blown away by your boldness.

Confidence is always sexy, and we guarantee you’ll draw him in by reaching out to him on your own.

Don’t: Send him one-word messages.

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Sometimes, we don’t always know what to say in response to something. When you’re a little tongue-tied, you might be tempted to send him a text that’s only one word or letter like the dreaded “k.”

Answers like these are cold. Aside from leaving the guy shivering from your coldness, you’ll have destroyed any potential for the conversation to continue.

If you don’t know what else to say, consider changing the subject. Ask him a question in response, for example.

Even adding something as simple as a single emoji to a one-word text can greatly soften the tone.

Do: Ask him questions to give him room to respond.

It’s always easier to figure out what to say next when you’ve been asked a question. Think about some of the best conversations you ever had.

They likely began with a single question, which spiraled out into dozens of side topics.

You can transform yourself into a brilliant conversationalist by asking questions, too. It will raise the chances of him answering, and show to him that you’re truly interested in him and what he has to say.

This doesn’t mean interrogate him. Don’t send him question after question after question, or he might get the feeling you’re taking notes.

After one question, read over his answer. He’ll probably have given you something you can respond in kind with, such as commenting on his answer or supplementing it with your own answer in response to the original question.

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Don’t: Answer him instantly every time.

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When you’re into a guy, you’ll jump at the chance to answer each of his texts lightning-fast. You might be caught by this idea that, if you don’t answer right away, he’ll become bored of you.

That’s not true. Answering instantly will actually have the opposite effect, implying that you’ll come running every time he says anything to you.

Whether you’re actually busy or not, don’t let him think that you’ll drop everything for him. Take your time to reply.

He’ll see you as an independent person, and the mystery of wondering what you’re up to will grab his attention time after time.

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Better yet, he’ll learn to value each response you give him, because he doesn’t get tons of them.

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Examples of What to Text a Guy You Just Met

The simple introductory text.

If you’ve just gotten his number, then one of the easiest things to text him is just an everyday introduction text. You know what we’re talking about: the one where you give them your name and say hello so they have time to add you to their contacts if they haven’t already.

To be honest, it’s not the most unique kind of text out there, but it is courteous. Another bonus to this method is that you’re not laying everything on the line with a joke or flirty comment that he might not appreciate – you don’t know him very well yet, after all.

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However, it is worth saying that this text isn’t going to blow his mind, either, if you’re looking for something that will really make you stand out. You can add a question to the end of it, though, to give him more wiggle room to answer you and start a conversation.


  • “Hi, it’s Beth from the bar. How’s it going?”
  • “Hey, it’s Sam. I just got your number from you on *dating app you met on*.”

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Raise his interest levels with a little flirting.

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Okay, so maybe a basic introduction is a little too bland for you. This guy is absolutely adorable, so you want to pull out all the stops to really win him over.

In that case, let’s introduce (or even reintroduce) you to the concept of the flirty text. With some cutesy and sweet comments, you can start your relationship off with a bang and signal your interest in him loud and clear.

Indicating that you don’t just want to be friends right away will keep him from categorizing you as platonic and get you both on the same page. Plus, you’ll be letting him know how fun and playful you can be, which makes for good date potential.


  • “Hey, it’s your future girlfriend. 😉 What are you up to?”
  • “Is it hot in here, or is just you?”
  • “So was meeting me as good for you as it was for me? ;)”

Real talk time: sometimes, even we struggle to think of flirty things to say. It’s not easy to come up with texts that will keep every man interested.

But it’s much easier once you understand what all men secretly desire.

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Get to know him with some interesting questions.

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You don’t know him very well yet, but nothing’s stopping you from gathering some intel now that you have his number.

To keep it from feeling like a job interview, though, we suggest steering clear of the more boring questions, or at the very least, sprinkling some unique ones in with them.

For instance, you might be tempted to get more info from him about what he does for a living, where he lives, and anything else that gives you a feel for where he’s at…which is all fine and dandy, but ask too many questions like that in a row, and you’re going to sound like you’re interrogating him.

Either word them in a more interesting way, or mix them in among other conversation starters that get you two talking naturally.


  • “What’s your favorite part about your job?”
  • “If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you want to be?”
  • “What would your theme song be?”

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Comment or compliment him on something you noticed from when you met him.

For this approach, you’re going to need to tap into your inner Sherlock Holmes and use those powers of observation.

If you met in person, think back to what about him caught your eye. Was he wearing a shirt for something you’re into? Did he have a smile you just couldn’t resist?

Let him know by text, then. He’ll be especially impressed by you if you’ve remembered the name of a band or something on his shirt and showed interest in it by asking him later.

This exact same strategy works even if you met him on a dating app.

Look through some of his pictures or read his profile and find something that piques your curiosity. Compliment him on something he wrote in his profile, or something in one of his pictures.


  • “I noticed you were wearing a shirt for *band.* I love them, too!”
  • “Where was that picture of you on your profile taken? It looks beautiful there.”
  • “You said you had a dog. Can I see some pictures?”

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Make plans to see him.

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You liked him enough that you’re texting him now, and the feeling is mutual for him. He was interested in you enough to want to give you his number.

You’re in the perfect position to make plans to see him again or for the first time if you met online. These don’t need to be serious plans, and we actually recommend making them casual and fun.

Basically, don’t book a reservation at a fancy restaurant. Plan something laid back where you can get to know each other a little better and deepen the chemistry between you.

Casual restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are always safe and easy places to plan another meeting. Otherwise, if you know a bit more about him (whether from an online profile or where you first met him), try planning an outing that you know he’d enjoy.


  • “I had a great time talking to you, and I’d love to hang out. Wanna try out this coffee shop with me sometime?”
  • “There’s this new movie out that I think you’d love. If you get the popcorn, the tickets are on me.”
  • “I’m planning on checking out the wine bar downtown this weekend. Want to come with me?”

Ask him for his opinion on something or get his recommendation.

Want to know how to make anyone feel like they’re important?

 Just ask them for their opinion or a suggestion.

When we’re being asked for our own expertise on something, it naturally makes us feel valued. We’ve been put in a position of power temporarily, and someone has indicated that they care about our input.

Don’t ask him any life-changing questions here, but do ask him for things like suggestions on what kind of music to listen to next or what Netflix show to binge watch.

Not only are you giving him a bit of an ego boost here, but it’s a roundabout way of digging into his interests. You’ll learn what he likes based on whatever he suggests to you.


  • “I just finished this series. Got any ideas on what I should watch now?”
  • “I need some new music to listen to. Do you have suggestions for me?”
  • “What’s on your reading list? I need another book to read.”

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Make him smile with a quality joke or meme.

man laughing on his phone

While there are situations where it’s better to keep it serious, getting to know a guy isn’t one of them. In this case, stunning him with your great sense of humor is a smooth move.

Do any looking around online, and you’ll see many guys say that one of the things they’re looking for most in their dream woman is a good sense of humor. Chances are, you’re thinking something similar for your dream man.

So wow him with your wit and give him the opportunity to respond in kind! You can make a joke about how you met, or you can send him relevant memes and gifs.

He’ll see that you’re a fun person to be around, and will find himself looking forward to spending time with you.


  • “So is now the time to start making up a story about how we met to tell our families?”
  • Send him a meme you think he’d like.
  • Send him a gif of someone waving to get a conversation started.
  • Find the corniest pickup line you can and text it to him – you’ll be checking the funny and flirty boxes at the same time.

Getting Him Addicted to You

man laughing on his phone

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Meeting an attractive guy is almost never a bad thing – especially when he’s single, and he’s given you his number.

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself here, feeling like you’re on top of the world. We’ve been there, too.

But when the emotional high fades and you actually start texting him, it suddenly gets so nerve-wracking. You begin second-guessing yourself and reading into everything he says.

Even we run out of things to say. Nobody’s perfect.

But understanding what men truly want (but can’t ask for) makes this much easier. Click here to find out what it is.