Do Guys Like Funny Girls? (FULLY EXPLAINED)

Guys obviously like girls that have good looks and are good in bed.

But, what about funny girls? Are they as attractive to men as say sporty girls, or shy girls?

Read on below and learn the full truth about whether or not guys really like funny girls.

Do Men Like Funny Girls?

Many men find funny girls quite irresistible, because of their quick wit and cleverness as well as the smile that is never far from their lips and always present in their eyes. Guys who like funny girls, absolutely love them.

That said, some men feel very much the opposite; they are completely turned off by funny girls. The primary reason these type of men don’t like funny girls is that their fast-thinking and high intelligence are intimidating to them.

What men like the most in a girl is simply that she is well-mannered, takes good care of herself, and isn’t overly dramatic without a reason. More or less, guys prefer girls who are clean, healthy, and down-to-earth, funny or not.


What Kind Of Girls Do Men Like?

Most guys like girls that have a strong sense of self, that live by their own rules, and do things the way they want to. Guys also like women who keep themselves nice and neat, don’t gossip much, and have well-maintained skin and nails.

What Kind of Girls Do Guys Dislike?

Clingy girls with lots of various needs and demands, drama queens, and other high-strung sorts finish last on the list of what kinds of girls guys like. Guys see these types of girls as going from one chaotic mess to another, purposefully, and perpetually, which they want no part of.

What Is Most Attractive About Women, To Guys?

The most attractive thing about women, to guys, is a woman that is sure of herself and knows her self-worth. Men like women who are sexy and know it. They also find it incredibly attractive when women have their own ideas, goals, and ambitions and aren’t afraid to show it.

Jenny Muscolo
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