Do Guys Like Nice Girls? (THE TRUTH)

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Girls aren’t exactly known for being crazy about the nice guys, but what about the guys themselves… are they crazy for nice girls? Read on below, and discover the truth about whether or not do guys like nice girls!

Do Guys Like Nice Girls?

The truth is guys like nice girls… as their friends, and co-workers. Guys don’t particularly tend to chase after nice girls, similarly to how most girls don’t tend to swoon over the nice guys as much as they do the bad boys. 

Likewise, guys prefer girls who are a bit naughty. That doesn’t mean you can’t be kind, or that you have to be a total mean girl for a guy to like you… it just means that a lot of guys may prefer girls with a wild side over girls who are nice and good all the time.

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So, if you’re a really nice girl, and somehow mysterious stay single all the time… now you know why! If that’s you, it’s time to shake things up. Let your inner-self out to play (we know that you’re not ACTAULLY 100-percent nice, so stop pretending!), you just might be surprised who takes notice!


What Do Guys Find Most Attractive in a Girl?

Guys like girls who are laid back and relaxed, the opposite of girls who always bring a cloud of chaos and emotions with them wherever they go. Guys are also attracted to intelligent women, with self-confidence, that smell nice and have well-hydrated skin. Makeup isn’t as important as most men and girls may think, most guys don’t care about it at all.

Do Guys Like Kindness?

Kindness is a trait that is universally desired, guys like it in their partners as much as women do. Not many guys are interested in a partner that doesn’t display at least basic kindness towards others. That said, some men absolutely dig mean girls, who are the furthest thing from kind.

Do Guys Like Shy Girls?

Most men adore shy girls, each for their own reasons. Some guys like shy girls because they are sweeter than mean girls, and easier to talk to, others like them because they are less sexually experienced and easier to dominate in general.