Do Guys Like Being Called Baby or Babe? (FULLY EXPLAINED)

So, you’re dating this new guy, or maybe working on spicing up the marriage, and thinking that a nickname is in store for your guy. 

The first thing that comes to mind is babe or baby, but you’re not sure how guys feel about such sweet names. 

Read on below and find out the fully explained truth about whether or not guys like being called baby or babe!

Do Guys Like Being Called Baby or Babe?

Guys like being called baby or babe as much as their female companions do. Despite what you may have heard, most guys enjoy it immensely when their partners refer to them as baby or babe, rather than simply by their name or the same nickname their friends and family call them. 

As far as which term guys prefer more, between baby and babe, there seems to be little to no difference at all. Both names refer to literal babies and young children, or in other words, sweet and innocent human beings. Guys react well to being called by either one!


Do Guys Prefer Baby or Babe?

Generally speaking, guys see no difference between the nicknames babe and baby. That means you can call your guy both baby and babe, or even use the two interchangeably, as you see fit. 

Which is More Proper to Call a Guy, Babe, or Baby?

Neither babe nor baby is more proper to call a guy, and guys see them as practically the same thing anyway. The literal meanings of the names are so similar that it makes absolutely no difference to most men. That said, if you are dating a Hell’s Angel with a couple of felonies and a rap sheet of minor charges 37 pages long, you might stick with just babe… or even boss!

What Pet Names Do Guys Prefer?

There is no accounting for all guys’ tastes, however, many guys prefer handsome, stud, mister, or even daddy as the regular nickname you call them. That said, most guys graciously accept being called babe, or even baby.

Jenny Muscolo
Jenny Muscolo

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