25 Different Good Morning Texts for Her

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The search for different good morning texts for your girlfriend or partner ends here.

Read on below and discover 25 of the most different good morning texts for her!

Different Good Morning Texts for Her

  • If I could have one wish this morning it would be to have you in my arms right now…
  • I just woke up and I can’t stop thinking about you already… it’s gonna be a long one!
  • Good morning, gorgeous! I can’t wait to see you later today. I’m so excited
  • If you were here right now, the smell of coffee would be creeping into your beautiful little nose holes and waking you up
  • Hey you, how’s your morning going thus far? Are you in dragon slaying mode already or still in cheerio slaying mode?
  • I wish you were here in my bed, or I was with you in yours… 
  • I had a revolution this morning… you should definitely be here with me
  • How DO you do it? It’s way too early for a creature like me.
  • Good morning. I love you. I miss you. Have a great day… now, I’m going back to bed
  • I hope you have a great morning and a fulfilling day
  • Think about you… and nothing else
  • Happy morning, darling! Have an AWESOME day 😀
  • Apparently, you are on my mind this morning… -send a morning wood picture- … see?
  • Why are you not beside me right now? Hmmm? Give me one good reason.
  • Hey, sexy! How much of what happened last night do you remember? It’s all a blur to me
  • Did you really mean everything you said last night? Btw, good morning!
  • It’s a steamy morning… -send a selfie picture in a towel/in the steamy bathroom-
  • Morning, sunshine! It’s time to put your big girl pants on and take on the world
  • Wake up sleepy head, today is a big day
  • Top o’ that marnin’ to ya, lassy
  • OMG! You’ll never guess what happened this morning… 
  • This is what you’re missing -send a selfie lying in bed with an empty place beside you-
  • Wow! Lastnight was AMAZING! …when can we do it again?
  • Rise and shine, beautiful girlfriend/wife/partner of mine! 
  • Wakey wakey, I love you babe, and you asked me to wake you up today… so, please don’t hate me!