25 Cute Short Goodnight Texts for Her

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Are you looking for some short and cute goodnight messages to send your girl?

Read on below and choose from these 25 cute short goodnight texts for her.

Cute Short Goodnight Texts for Her

  • Wishing you a peaceful sleep tonight
  • Thinking of you while I drift off to sleep
  • Goodnight, sleep tight! See you in the morning
  • I miss you already! Sweet dreams, baby
  • Wish you were here beside me, love
  • I miss your warm body
  • What’s so good about a night away from you
  • Night night, sweet love of mine
  • Thank you… for being you. Sleep well
  • I hope that you had a great day and have a good rest tonight
  • Lay down and rest well, you deserve it
  • You are my tomorrow… and forever
  • Goodnight. I miss you and love you
  • Wishing I was there to keep you warm
  • In a perfect world, I’d be there to kiss you goodnight
  • Sleep well, darling woman. You are the best
  • I’ll see you in my dreams… xoxo
  • Goodnight and the sweetest dreams to you
  • You are my dream come true… 
  • Sleeping is the only time I don’t miss you, because you’re my dreams
  • Our love will outlast everything…
  • Get some rest, beautiful. Tomorrow is a new day
  • I love you, and that is all that matters to me
  • Longing for the day I wake up next to you.. goodnight, babe
  • Here’s to ending another beautiful day. Goodnight, beautiful woman