25 Cheesy Morning Texts for Her

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The search for the best cheesy morning texts to send your lover ends here. 

Read on below and choose one from these 25 cheesy morning texts for her!

Cheesy Morning Texts for Her

  1. You can’t call it beauty sleep, because it isn’t possible for you to be more beautiful than you already are
  2. Roses and red, violets are blue, today is going to be totally amazing, just like you <3
  3. I hope you’re smiling the moment you wake up… because when you realize the dream is over you won’t be
  4. Remember, the struggle is real, even for princesses… yes, my love, the time has come: you have to get up now
  5. You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake up to a text like this -attach a selfie-
  6. Good morning! It’s time to start your engine, pull up to the starting line, and go, go, go
  7. What is this madness? There is a giant fireball trying to get in my window 
  8. Top of the morning to you lover girl, I wish you were on top of me
  9. Don’t tell my pillow or anything, but I’d totally swap you two out in a heartbeat… no questions asked
  10. Love is not blind; rather, I am blinded by love with the merest glance at your face (Good morning, beautiful!)
  11. How on earth do you see eye to eye with the morning? I can’t even hold my eyes open
  12. Good morning! Does the early bird still get the worm? And if so, what if I prefer tequila?
  13. Hey baby, good morning! I hope this text puts a big ass smile on your face when you wake up 😀
  14. Imagine this text is a handwritten note I left on your nightstand while I was standing there watching you sleep
  15. I love you, baby, but please go back to sleep and message me again after this cruel morning passes
  16. What if this text was written in blood, on your forehead? And you didn’t notice until you were standing in front of the mirror?
  17. I just want to remind you that you’re my favorite person, and favorite way to start the day… now get over here quick
  18. One for the money, two for the show… now hurry the hell up and get outa bed cuz we gotta go, go, go
  19. Coffee, or sleep. Coffee, or sleep. You’re not here with me, so I choose to sleep
  20. I love you more than I love life itself, you know this, and I would do absolutely anything for you… except for waking up this early. What in the hell are you thinking texting me this early? 😉
  21. Wake up early, they said. It’ll be great they said. We’ll have a fun time, they said. Well, $^”$ them! Waking up this early sucks
  22. I don’t know who invented the alarm clock, but after this morning it has become the main goal in life to hunt that s.o.b. down and clean his clock for good
  23. Good morning… GOOD morning!? HA! Poppycock and hogwash I tell you. There is certainly NOTHING good about a morning without you in my bed. To insinuate otherwise, even in jest, would be complete and utter BALDERDASH
  24. It will be a good morning once I arrive with coffee and your favorite dognuts 😀
  25. It is a terrible tragedy that has kept you from me this morning, let us pray that it is not repeated at the end of the day (you’re sleeping in my bed tonight)