What to Text Your Ex-Boyfriend When You Miss Him

What to Text Your Ex Boyfriend When You Miss Him

When it comes to ex-boyfriends, we all entertain this question at least once: what if? What if you’d never broken up? Where would things be now, and would you both be happy together? What if there was a possibility you could have gotten over the factor that ended your relationship? Is it possible you just didn’t try … Read more

What to Text Your Boyfriend When He’s Mad at You

What to Text Your Boyfriend when He's Mad At You

Relationships aren’t always smooth sailing, are they? Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re talking about. When you’re with someone you love long enough, you naturally have disagreements. It’s just human nature. You can’t expect to be perfectly in sync all the time. But just because you get angry with each other, doesn’t mean there’s something wrong … Read more