50 Texts to Make Him Want You Back

Texts to Make Him Want You Back

Texting a guy you like is a lot like performing a complex dance. It feels as if you have to follow a number of steps that aren’t immediately obvious, and if you mess it up, you’re left feeling clumsy and embarrassed. The objective is to gracefully make him want you. Unfortunately, that’s much easier said than … Read more

15+ Texts to Make Him Feel Bad

Texts to Make HIm Feel Bad

Sometimes, guys mess up. They’re human, just like you are, and that means they’ll make mistakes in all aspects of their lives, including romance. Beyond occasional mistakes, men have long-standing character flaws. They might have a wandering eye, they might be lazy, they might not appreciate everything you do for them… All these things can leave you … Read more

45+ Texts to Make Him Laugh at Work

Texts to Make Him Laugh at Work

As much as you might wish otherwise, you can’t be with the guy you’re crushing on all day every day. Not only do you need to spend time apart for your own health, but you’ll both need to work at some point. Just because you’re apart for work, though, doesn’t mean you can’t work some of … Read more

40+ Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

Texts to Make Him Think About You All Day

When you’re interested in a guy, it’s only natural to think about him often – if not constantly. You’ll catch yourself picturing his face, imagining his voice, thinking about when you’re going to see him again, and so much more. This is a vulnerable position to be in. You probably hope that he’s thinking about you, … Read more

20 Texts to Make Him Ask You Out

Texts to Make Him Ask You Out

Talking to a guy can sometimes feel like playing a game of cat and mouse – and you can’t tell whether you’re the cat or the mouse! You leave what you feel are bold hints that you like him. Flirty text messages are constantly flying from your phone to his. You send him tantalizing selfies and … Read more

15 Texts to Make Him Worry About Losing You


Love can make you do crazy things, especially in the early stages before your relationship has had time to grow a steady framework. You find yourself closely interpreting every message they sent you, anxiously waiting to see them again, calculating your every move, and doing whatever you can to hook your man in. So when he … Read more