Best Long Distance Relationship Keychains (2022 Edition)

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The best long distance relationship keychains help you feel connected even while you aren’t talking on the phone or video chatting.

A keychain is something that you use on a daily basis, probably multiple times. Every time you pull the keys out, you’re reminded of your LDR partner.

Read on below and explore some of the very best LDR keychains currently available online!

Best Long Distance Relationship Keychains

The best long distance relationship keychain for you and your LDR partner stay connected in heart and mind all day long.

Here are our top 20 picks for the best LDR keychains this year:

1. K’NECT Long Distance Keychains.

Long Distance Keychain set of 2,Friendship Keychain. Keep in Connect with Those You Love.Dual Mode[Family Group & Couples one to one].Couple Gift,Long Distance Relationship Gifts,Best Friends Gifts

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The K’NECT Long distance Keychains are some of the very best for LDR couples.

These keychains allow you to connect directly with your partner, and up to two other people.

Send color-coded messages with pre-arranged meanings that only you and your lover understand.

2. Coordinates Keychains by Ultrajoys

Coordinates keychain, Where it all began, special location, trip, wedding, birth place, home key chain, Gift for Him, Her, Husband, Wife

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This keychain is another perfect gift for you and your LDR partner.

One side says “we are together even when we are apart”, and the other side has both of your exact GPS coordinates engraved on it.

They are made of stainless steel.

3. Birdgot Puzzle Keychain Set

Lywjyb Birdgot Puzzle Keychain Couples Set Long Distance Relationships Gifts For Couples Love Friendship Gift (Silver)

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These cute keychains are a great gift for LDR couples that legitimately feel like they complete each other.

They are shaped like puzzle pieces and have descriptions engraved on them.

One says “I’ll be back” and the other says “I’ll be waiting.”

Each keychain also has a star and heart engraved beside the message, as well as a small airplane charm attached to the ring.

4. Best Friends Compass Keychains

Ralukiia Best Friend Keychains for 2, No Matter What No Matter Where Compass Key Chain, Promise Pinky Graduation Gifts for BFF, Couples Long Distance Relationships Friends Going Away Gift

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The next item on our list of long distance keychains to consider for you and your LDR partner is one of our all-time favorites.

The main keychain is stainless steel and says “no matter what” and “always & forever.”

These keychains have two small charms attached as well; hands clasping and a compass.

5. Distance Means So Little (Black)

Couple Keychain for Boyfriend Girlfriend Long Distance Relationship Gift Keyring Going Away Gift for Husband Wife Couples Jewelry Brithday Valentines Gift Anniversary Keychain Gift,His and Hers Gift

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“Distance means so little when you mean so much” is a popular LDR saying and it is engraved in these keychains.

The keychains are made of stainless steel, are black, and have white letters. The actual keyrings are also black.

6. Miles Between Us Keychains

Love Keychains for Couples I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us I Will See You Soon Long Distance Relationship Gift Boyfriend Gift Girlfriend Gifts Going Away Gift State Keychain (Keychain)

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This stainless steel keychain set has one fashioned in the shape of the United States of America, and one keychain that is a rectangle with an inscription.

It has “I love you more than the miles between us” and “I’ll see you soon…” engraved on either one.

7. I’ll See You Soon Keychain Set

I'll See You Soon keychain Valentine's Gift Boyfriend Girlfriend Gift Long Distance Relationship Friends Bff Key Chain (Keychain)

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This simple keychain is as sweet as they come for LDR couples.

It’s a long stainless steel rectangle with the description “I’ll see you soon.”

It only comes with one, so you may want to buy an extra so you can have a matching set.

8. Personalized Lucky Copper Penny

Personalized Lucky Copper Penny Key Chain with Date Initials and Heart Around Year

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These cute homemade penny keychains are an excellent gift for those who take pride in their LDR.

Each penny has a small hole in it for the actual key chain, both you and your LDR partner’s first initial, as well as a date and a small heart.

These keychains are personalized right here in the United States.

9. Engraved Leather Keychain Set

Caramel Custom Personalized Free Engraved Leather Keychain - Keyring

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For the sophisticated LDR couple, these leather and stainless steel personalized keychains are perfect for a part of your everyday wear wardrobe.

The keychains are made from 100-percent real leather, a zinc alloy key ring, and a stainless steel plate for your personalization.

10. Gold-Plated Stainless Steel With Name

Somethings2share- [ Flower + Name ] Bar Pendant Necklace - Personalized gift 18K Gold/White/Rose Gold-Plated Stainless Steel, Delicate Engraved Mother Daughter Wedding Holiday Birthday Gift

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These 18K gold plated stainless steel keychains come in three styles: gold, white gold, and rose gold.

The keychains are rectangular and have a first name inscription that tappers off into a flower symbol.

11. Under the Same Sky Keychains

Long Distance Relationship Gifts,Couples keychains Good Friend Keychain Jewelry Gifts Always Under the Same Sky Key Chain Gift for Her Him Husband Wife Boyfriend Girlfriend

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These cute little keychains feature the words “always under the same sky.”

For the LDR couple that visits each other via airplane, or needs extra hope until their first meeting, these units are a perfect gift.

12. Matching States Custom Keychain Set

Custom State Keychains, Matching Set, Country, USA, Long Distance Love, Long distance gift for him and her, Moving away gift, Ldr Friends

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These matching states custom keychains are made by hand, every order.

Each state has a small hole up top, and an engraving.

The inscription on each one.

13. Sweet Kissing Whale Keychains

MILESI Sweet Kissing Whale Couples Keychains Birthday Present Valentine‘s Gift Anniversary for him and her

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For Sea Shepherds and animal lover LDR couples, these sweet kissing whale keychains are a perfect pair.

One whale is copper colored and one is black like onyx, both are gold plated (black and rose).

They have magnetic noses and cling together in a kissing fashion when coupled.

14. You Have My Heart Keychain Set

Valentines Day Gift Keychain for Husband Boyfriend From Girlfriend Wife Anniversary Birthday Gifts For Couple Keyring Women Men You Have My Heart Him Her Wedding

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This sassy little inscribed keychain states “you have my heart and my ass.”

The keychain is shaped like a dog tag, and also features a small heart symbol after the first sentence.

15. Personalized Spotify Keychain

Personalized Music Spotify Code Keychain Custom Engraved Song Stainless Steel Heart Couples Keychain Gifts

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Some of the most advanced keychains for LDR couples out there, these sleek black units actually carry a code for a working Spotify playlist.

For LDR couples, the playlist can be made up of all your favorite love songs and other special music.

16. Custom Spotify Keychain with Picture

Custom Spotify Keychain with Picture,Custom Scannable Spotify Music Song Code Keychain, Photo Gift for Friends/Lover/Father/Mother/Kids, Square, 2'*3'

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This Spotify keychain works the same way as the one listed above, though it is shaped drastically differently.

Where the keychains above are sleek and skinny, taking up little room in your pocket, these are larger and feature a custom picture above controls for playing your music.

17. Personalized Photo Keychains

Personalized Photo Keychains with Calendar Engraved for Boyfriends Couples Gifts Custom Keychain Engraved with Picture

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Another great set of keychains for long distance relationship couples are these heart keychains that you can customize with pictures and text.

The hearts are made of stainless steel and have light metal alloy rings that are long lasting and practically weatherproof.

18. Heart Keychain Set for Couples

Heart Keychain Set for Couples, Brick Heart Keychain for Boyfriend Girlfriend, 2 Pcs Matching Heart Colorful Keychains.(Red)

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These heart keychains are made for couples, and when put together form one red heart.

Taken apart, they appear like half-heart legos on keychains.

19. VNOX Personalized 4-Sided Keychain

VNOX Customize Stainless Steel 3D Dainty 4 Sided Vertical Cuboid Bar Keychain for Men Women Son Husband Dad Father Day Christmas

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Bar style personalized 4-sided keychains is another great choice, whether for anniversary gifts, valentines day, or any other time.

All four sides are engravable, so you can add both names, birth dates, anniversary dates, or whatever you please.

20. Personalized Wooden Keychain

VICTANN Custom Wood Keychain, Personalized Wooden Keychain, Laser Engraved Keyring, Birthday Gift, Real Leather Keychain Strap, Best Gifts Ever, Customizable, Engravable, Name Initials, (WK-01)

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For tree-hugging nature-loving LDR couples, and those who enjoy wood, these personalized wooden keychains should be on the top of your list.

They are among the most customizable keychains on our list! You can fit three lines of text on them.

What to Consider for LDR Keychains

Before you put just any old keychains in your shopping cart and hit the purchase now button, consider the following factors:

1. Materials

The best materials for LDR keychains are the ones that look the best and last the longest, including gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and more. Your tastes also determine which material is best for you.

2. Size of Keychain (and Keyring)

The actual size of the keychain matters more or less to some LDR couples. Only you can be the judge as to what is too big or too little. That said, you should be aware of the exact dimensions of the keychain before purchasing.

3. Durability

The quality of the materials, and how well you care for them, are the two biggest determining factors concerning the durability of your LDR keychain. Stainless steel, gold, silver, and plastic have high durability.

4. Cost

The cost of your keychain is, of course, another important factor. Your budget, the type of materials, and the bells and whistles determine the price.

5. LDR Features

LDR features refer to the long distance capabilities of a potential long distance relationship keychain. Does it allow you to send color codes, messages, or voice calls? If not, it probably doesn’t have many advanced LDR features. Initials, dates, and names are basic LDR customizations.