20 Best Long Distance Relationship Gadgets to Stay Connected in 2022

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Long-distance relationship gadgets do more than keep things spicy between LDR couples.

If your long-distance relationship is just starting, or it’s starting to lose its magic, there are tons of long-distance gadgets and long-distance sex toys to help keep the flame burning.

Read on below and explore 20 of the best long-distance relationship gadgets for long-distance couples!

Best Long Distance Relationship Gadgets

From clever smart products like Pillow Talk, touch rings, and smartwatches to even more intimate long-distance relationship gadgets like the now-famous long-distance hug shirt or the world-renown Lovesense sex toys (for him and her), there are never-ending ideas for you and your partner to choose from.

Below, we break down our picks for the best long-distance relationship gadgets currently available section by section:

Romantic Gadgets

The first section of our list includes some of the best romantic long-distance gadgets.

Our picks include:

Lovebox Color & Photo | Love Note Messenger

Lovebox Color & Photo | Love Note Messenger | Meaningful Gift for Mom, Dad, Wife, Husband, Grandma, Grandpa, Kids, Couple Gift, Long Distance Relationship Gift

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The Lovebox Love Note Messenger is one of the greatest long-distance gifts for romantics ever created.

The “box” is based on a heart made of pixels (something LDR couples are extremely intimate with).

The magic is that you can interact with each other and send messages to one another with the Love Note Messenger.

The updated version allows you to change photos and colors with a touch, from long distance.

If you agree on the meanings of the various colors, you can send romantic messages without typing or speaking.

Friendship Lamp – Knotty Pine Wood Picture Frame

Friendship Lamp – Knotty Pine Wood Picture Frame - Wi-Fi Touch Lamp Light for Long-Distance, Connection, Relationship, Gift, Over 200 Colors, App Setup, Handmade in USA by Filimin - Set of 2

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The Knotty Pine Wood Picture Frame by Friendship Lamp is another of the coolest romantic long-distance relationship gadgets out there.

With this set of two frames, you each get one, and you can program them with all your greatest memories and keep them updated as you go.

Further, thanks to the app, you can “touch” each other’s frames and change the colors/send messages.

Wi-Fi Touch Lamp LED Light for Long-Distance

Friendship Lamp – Modern Design - Wi-Fi Touch Lamp LED Light for Long-Distance, Connection, Relationship, Friendship, Gift, Over 200 Colors, App Setup, Handmade in USA by Filimin - Set of 2

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Another product from Friendship Lamp is the Touch Lamp Light.

These lights are practically a must-have item for real LDR couples.

Sit them on your nightstand and touch them any time during the day or night and send your partner a message only they understand.

Wearable Smart Rings

HECERE Waterproof Ceramic NFC Ring, NFC Forum Type 2 215 496 Bytes Chip Universal for Mobile Phone, All-Round Sensing Technology Wearable Smart Ring, Wide Surface Fasion Ring for Men or Women (7#)

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These smart rings aren’t exactly an item that will keep you in touch, but they will make you feel like you have matching wedding rings.

These matching rings will not just make you look cool though, they will also allow you to access smart devices, including door locks, cars, and more.

Again, these don’t actually connect you, they just give you easier access to your devices while you are on the go (which means easier access to your LDR partner as well).


The second section of our list is all about smartwatches (because who doesn’t want to always be on time to talk to their LDR partner?).

Our picks for the best LDR smartwatches are:

Long Distance Connection Bracelets

BOND TOUCH Pair of Bracelets, Silver Loop – Long Distance Connection Bracelets

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If you want to be attached, why not be attached to the wrists via a long-distance watch?

With these connection bracelets, you’ll always be connected with the other half of your long-distance relationship.

Depending on which model you buy, you can monitor each other’s heartbeat, and location, and send each other messages and updates.

Garmin Forerunner 35

Garmin 010-01689-00 Forerunner 35; Easy-to-Use GPS Running Watch, Black

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The Garmin Forerunner 35 is a great long distance relationship gift for a partner who is extremely active.

If he or she is a runner, swimmer, jogger, or gym member, they need this watch. And, you can be the one to give it to them!

Plus, it keeps you connected like the LDR connection bracelets above, automatically updating your info in the Garmin connect database.

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch

Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch with Tools for Heart Health, Stress Management & Skin Temperature Trends, White/Gold, One Size (S & L Bands Included)

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Another excellent smartwatch, the Fitbit Sense Advanced watch keeps you as connected as any device.

Monitor each other’s heart health, heartbeat, temperatures, and locations.

You can also talk to each other through your watch if you’re hands are full and your phone is in your pocket.

Phones and Tablets

The third section of our list of the best long-distance relationship gadgets is all about phones and tablets, the lifeblood of LDR couples.

Currently, the top devices for LDR couples include:

Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max (256 GB, Alpine Green) [Locked] + Carrier Subscription

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The Apple iPhone 13 is currently one of the best phones on the planet… what better gift to give your LDR partner?

If you’re going to set your partner up with a new phone, it might as well be the best!

With a brand new iPhone, you have a warranty, and all the accessories in the world to choose from (something other phones can’t say).

SAMSUNG Galaxy S22

SAMSUNG Galaxy S22 Cell Phone, Factory Unlocked Android Smartphone, 128GB, 8K Camera & Video, Night Mode, Brightest Display Screen, 50MP Photo Resolution, Long Battery Life, US Version, Pink Gold

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One of the only phones that can compete with the current best iPhone is the Samsung GALAXY S22.

This device does practically everything an iPhone does… someone would claim does it even better!

It’s also worth mentioning that this phone is around $200 to $300 cheaper than the latest iPhone too!

Apple iPad Air

2022 Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 256GB) - Pink (5th Generation)

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The Apple iPad is among the best tablets ever made, it is well worthy for long-distance couples.

If you want your partner to have a larger screen for video chats, or watching movies, the Apple iPad is an excellent choice.

The latest model is compatible with all the best apps, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from for long-distance fun.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 Wi-Fi 32GB Silver (SM-T500NZSAXAR)

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The last item on this section of our list of the best long-distance relationship gadgets is the Samsung GALAXY Tab A7, arguably the only tablet to keep up with the latest iPad.

This tablet is compatible with most long-distance technology, such as long-distance touch rings, and long-distance watches, and even works as a good long-distance heartbeat speaker as well.

The best part about it is that it doesn’t have such a hefty price tag as the Apple tablet or phone.

Adult Toys

No list of the best long-distance relationship gadgets or gifts would be complete without at least a few adult toys.

Here are some of our favorite picks:

NORA Rabbit by lovesense

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This wave-shaped LDR vibrator is the perfect gift for your female long-distance partner.

This sex toy is one of the best for a long-distance couple because it allows remote access via the app (meaning he can take control of the vibration patterns and strength).

Even more, Nora may work in tandem with MAX 2 (the male sex toy for men, also made by Lovesense) so you can play together.

Max 2 by Lovesense

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The MAX 2 is a true revolutionary sex toy for men. For long-distance couples, it is one of the very best. That’s because very few sex toys for men have been adapted to work with long-distance tech (but there are plenty for women).

The unit is a suped-up pocket pussy toy with all the bells and whistles, including 360-degree contractions.

While he’s playing with MAX 2, she’s playing with Nora. And, for some real long-distance fun, control each other’s vibration levels and patterns!

APP Control Smart 3 in 1 Pelvic Trainer

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This innovative “pelvic trainer” works as a great remote-controlled sex toy for LDR couples.

It’s designed with women in mind, but can be used by males as well. Just use your tiny bit of imagination, and you can see where a man could put it, and massage his prostate.

Whoever is wearing it is at the mercy of their partner (who is in control of the vibration patterns and strength thanks to an app)

ToyCod Wearable Couple Vibrator with APP Remote Control

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The ToyCod Wearable Couple Vibrator with App Remote Control is an alternative sex toy we feel deserves a place on our list.

More or less, it works the same way as the previous item on our list. The biggest differences between the two are the manufacturers and the shape of the toy itself.

At any rate, it sure does make a great deal of fun to have control over your LDR partner’s toy.


The fifth and last section of our list of the best long distance relationship gadgets includes more great gifts for you and your partner to consider:

Tracki GPS Tracker

Tracki GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Car, Kids, Dogs, Motorcycle. 4G LTE GPS Tracking Device. Unlimited Distance US & Worldwide. Small Portable Real time Mini Magnetic. Subscription Needed

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A GPS tracker may seem a bit overboard for a long-distance relationship gift idea… but is it?

What if she is car jacked, or he accidentally drives his car off an ocean pier?

It’s exactly in these sorts of incidents that you’ll thank yourself for investing in this seemingly intrusive LDR gift idea!

Smart Bracelet Long-distance Touch

Couple Smart Bracelet Long-distance Touch Love Bluetooth Pairing Valentine's Day Gift Jewelry Set

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These smart bracelets are great for staying in touch even on the go. If you are both gym rats or fitness freaks they are even more perfect.

Monitor each other’s vitals, send and receive messages, and more with these smart devices.

One of the best parts of these bracelets is that you’ll have matching tech gadgets!

The Hug Shirt

This LDR gift is a unique one if such a thing exists these days. It’s also one of the most mind-blowing, and makes us wonder what’s next!

The wearers of the long-distance hug shirt can literally feel sensations wherever their partner is hugging them.

Far out right? We thought so too! You’ve definitely got to learn more about these shirts if you’re even remotely interested.

Kissenger App

The Kissenger App is such a strange and advanced concept that it’s either going to make you really excited, or pretty freaked out.

But, don’t take our word for it, have a look at it for yourself!

This product actually mimics your partner’s mouth, while it’s kissing, so you can kiss them, in real-time, and feel it, long-distance, via the app.

Kast App

The Kast app is a genuinely intriguing creation; up to 20 people share screens with a party of up to 100 viewers.

For you and your long-distance relationship, it could make for some great long-distance date nights.

Too much of a good thing is bad (so, don’t force video chats at 2 am in the morning… instead, jump on last together and chat through a movie).


How Can I Make My Partner’s Phone Vibrate?

There are numerous apps that allow you to play with your partner’s phone or device. Just take a quick stroll through the Google Play store and pick one that suits you and your LDR partner! Lovesense and other adult toy companies take long-distance love a step further with their world-famous long-distance app-controlled sex toys.

What Gift Should I Give To My Long Distance Boyfriend?

The best gifts for your LDR boyfriend depends on what kind of person he is and what sort of gifts he enjoys the most. The more you get to know him, the better your gift-giving choices will get. To begin with, stick with something simple, like an LDR gadget that monitors your partner’s heartbeat, or boxers with his favorite superhero.

What Is Your LDR?

Your LDR stands for “your long-distance relationship”. If it’s your first time in an LDR, you may not be familiar with the term (or if you’re not in one and you’ve never been in one)… but you will be. You’ll also become familiar with time zones, video chatting, internet issues, poor cell phone reception, and more. That said, LDRs become more and more regular each year.

What Does LDR Couple Stand For?

LDR couple stands for “long-distance relationship couple”, a term that is growing in number due to how many people are becoming engaged in online relationships. Thankfully, thanks to technology, there are tons of new and exciting ways to interact with your LDR partner.

What Are LDR Activities?

LDR activities include everything from talking on the phone and video chat or messaging via SMS at all hours of the day and night to using apps together, watching movies online together, and even kissing or masturbating together with the use of long-distance toys and apps (like the ones on our list above). More and more ways to engage with our LDR partners emerge each year, thanks to technology.

How Does Technology Help With Long Distance Relationships?

Technology places a vital role in the 21st century, whether are long-distance relationships or local “in-person” relationships. From the devices we use to communicate with each other, to the apps/toys we use to create intimacy/masturbate together, technology makes long-distance relationships, as we know them today, possible.