20 Apology Texts for Your Ex-Boyfriend (To Make Him Open Up Again)

We all make mistakes. As much as we might hope to be perfect, we all slip up every so often.

Unfortunately, this can happen in our love lives, too. No matter how much we might love someone, we may occasionally hurt them and push them away.

In some situations, apologies are easy. But when it comes to your ex-boyfriend…not so much. This doesn’t mean, however, that he doesn’t deserve an apology, too.

If you’re confused about what to say to him, you’re in the right place. We’ve created a bunch of apology texts for your ex-boyfriend that will help initiate a conversation between you.

When Should You Send Him an Apology Text?

We’re all human, and that means our feelings can be complicated. Our motivations can therefore be mixed, including when you want to apologize to your ex-boyfriend.

There are definitely times when it’s better to apologize to him…and times when it’s a bad idea. Let’s examine both ends of the spectrum so you know when to put down your phone and when to send him a message…

When to Avoid Sending Him an Apology Text

"There are some situations where sending him an apology will be just like pouring gasoline on the fire of his anger."

First, we’ll start with when you shouldn’t text him an apology. It may seem like apologies could never hurt, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are some situations where sending him an apology will be just like pouring gasoline on the fire of his anger.

To determine if you should apologize to him, start by looking at what your motivations are. Sometimes, we use apologies to force someone to talk to us or to manipulate them.

If you’re hoping an apology will get him back immediately, don’t bother with it. That’s an unrealistic expectation and you’ll likely walk away from it later feeling heartbroken.

You should also avoid apologizing immediately after your breakup, especially if it was a bad breakup. This may seem strange, but think about it and you’ll see why it’s a bad idea.

After an emotional confrontation like a breakup, you’re usually not in your best mindset. You’re fuming to yourself, internally raging at the other parties involved, and possibly even stewing in self-pity. You are neither at the right mental point to issue a sincere apology, nor are you at a good point to receive one.

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Finally, you shouldn’t give your ex-boyfriend empty apologies. In other words, don’t apologize to him if you truly have nothing to apologize for. You may feel like you need to apologize to him, for example, when you were the victim in a toxic relationship or just to get a conversation going – don’t do it.

When to Go for Sending Your Ex an Apology Text

"If you legitimately wronged your ex, saying sorry could be the mature step you need to take to start repairing your relationship or healing yourself."

Now that we’ve covered when to avoid apologizing to him, we’ll look at when you should offer him your apology.

If you legitimately wronged your ex, saying sorry could be the mature step you need to take to start repairing your relationship or healing yourself. It could be that you cheated on him, you said hurtful words to him, you took him for granted, or any other number of wrong actions.

Before sending him your text, make sure you go through a no contact period. This will give you both time to cool down and think over what happened.

Once you’ve completed this no contact period and you still feel you owe him an apology, go for it. Make sure you examine your own motivations for the apology first, though. As long as you truly wronged him and are sincere in your apology at this point, it’s worth sending him a message.

Apology Texts for Your Ex-Boyfriend

Now for the real reason you’re here: apology text templates you can send to your ex-boyfriend.

Keep in mind that even if you did something wrong, we chose not to mention specific actions or words in the text. This is because describing in detail the mistake you made might just reopen healing wounds.

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You’ll both know what you did wrong. There’s no reason to go into a detailed postmortem analysis of your actions just yet. If you agree to talk about it more, you can discuss it then – for now, your goal is to open some dialogue between you and move forward.

  • “I’m sorry for the role I played in our breakup.”

Great For: When you just want to get a conversation started without adding insult to injury. Once the conversation is started, use our guide on what to text your ex-boyfriend to make him want you back if you’re looking to get back together with him.

  • “I regret what I put you through. I’d love to talk about it with you when you have the time.”

Great For: When you want to gauge what he’s feeling and invite him to talk to you more.

  • “I’ve been thinking about how our relationship ended and would love to apologize to you properly. Would you mind calling me when you have the time?”

Great For: When you want to get him on the phone to initiate a deeper dialogue.

  • “I never meant to take you for granted. I’d like to make it up to you.”

Great For: When you want to let him know in a no-pressure way that you’re prepared to change. This shows that your apology isn’t just words.

  • “Hey, *his name.* I’ve been thinking about our fight and the things you said. I know I blew it and wanted to offer you a sincere apology.”

Great For: When you would like to briefly acknowledge your wrongdoing for an added degree of sincerity. This doesn’t go into detail and stir up anger.

  • “I’ve been feeling absolutely terrible about the way we broke up. I wanted to say I’m sorry.”

Great For: When you’re trying to show him that the breakup has truly affected you.

  • “I just wanted to say I’m sorry and let you know you mean the world to me.”

Great For: When you want to indicate to him you still have feelings for him and apologize at the same time.

  • “I’m so sorry that I caused you pain. Whenever you feel up to it, I would like to see you again to apologize in person.”

Great For: When you’re looking for a way to see him face-to-face.

  • “Forgive me for blowing up at you. It was wrong of me to lose my temper like that.”

Great For: When you’re searching for a way to open him up again after a fight.

  • “I should have never taken my anger out on you. If you’re willing to talk about it, I’d love to explain what was going through my head and apologize to you.”

Great For: When you had a bad breakup and are looking for a way to start a healing conversation. You can use this one in tandem with the previous text for extra effect.

  • “You are an amazing person and I feel awful for hurting you. I owe you so many apologies.”

Great For: When you need to soften him up a little bit. Starting with a compliment may make him more receptive to your apology.

  • “You deserve much better than the way I treated you the other night. Here is my heartfelt apology.”

Great For: When you’re looking for another way to soften him up. This acknowledges that you mistreated him and that you know he deserves better – and that you can give him better.

  • “I owe you a thousand apologies. Consider this one the first in a whole series of them.”

Great For: When you want to potentially mix some humor into your apology. Consider adding an emoji or exclamation point at the end to brighten the tone in situations that aren’t as serious.

  • “Hey, I know I mistreated you and I wanted to let you know you’ve been on my mind. If you’re comfortable with it, I’d love to treat you to drinks/dinner/coffee and talk about it with you face-to-face.”

Great For: When you’d like to arrange a meeting with him and feel like there might be some resistance on his end. Offering to cover the costs and avoiding the word “date” keeps the pressure off him.

  • “I’d like to apologize for the disrespectful way I talked to you when we broke up. You didn’t deserve any of the things I said.”

Great For: When you need to say sorry after insulting him or yelling at him.

  • “Please forgive me for my terrible communication skills. I should have done a better job communicating my feelings with you.”

Great For: When something you said came across wrong. This shows you’ve reflected on your words and realized how you should have handled the situation.

  • “I’m so grateful for all the time we spent together and memories we shared. I’d hate for it to end so poorly, so I have to tell you how sorry I am.”

Great For: When you want to stir up warmer feelings in him by reminding him of happy memories you have together.

  • “There’s no excuse for what I did. I still wanted to tell you that I’m really sorry.”

Great For: When you did something really terrible and know it. Avoiding making excuses and explaining your actions will make your apology seem much more sincere.

  • “Forgive me for the pain I caused you. I’m prepared to make some big changes to earn your trust again.”

Great For: When you’re interested in resuming your relationship and you’re willing to put in the work to regain his confidence.

  • “The things I said to you when we broke up are truly awful. I’d like to formally take them back and instead tell you that I’m sorry.”

Great For: When you’re looking for something to say after a nasty fight.

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