25 Adorable Goodnight Texts for Her

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Are you looking for some seriously awww-inspiring goodnight texts for your girlfriend?

Read on below and explore these 25 adorable goodnight texts for her!

Adorable Goodnight Texts for Her

  • I always miss you so much more when it’s bedtime <3
  • Goodnight, lover… I’m imagining we are beside each other as we fall asleep…
  • I’d love to be there to tuck you into bed right now
  • Sleep tight until tomorrow when I can hold you tight in my arms 🙂
  • I’m already waiting to talk to you tomorrow… damn it, why must we sleep
  • How do I sleep without you? I need you here in my bed with me
  • Sleep well, babydoll. Let all your cares melt away because tomorrow is a brand new day
  • Goodnight, goodnight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite
  • Tomorrow, tomorrow… it’s only a day away…
  • Have a goodnight, boo! I’ll be dreaming of you the whole night through
  • Can’t stop thinking about your love… why aren’t you here with me?
  • One day I’ll be there by your side to kiss you goodnight <3
  • I hope you have better sleeping needs than men… I see no sleep in the near future
  • Starlight, starbright… with you in my life everything is more than alright
  • Squeeze the stuffed animal I got you and think of me as you drift off to sleep tonight 🙂
  • Hey, you. Just wanted you to know how much I love you. You do know, don’t you?
  • Sweetdreams, gorgeous! I can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning
  • Tomorrow morning can not come quick enough! I miss you so much
  • -send a link to a playlist- I put this together for you… what do you think?
  • -send a pic of you in your bed- Wish you were here, bae <3
  • Goodnight… what’s so good about it if we aren’t together?
  • Sometimes all I can think about at night is how nice it will be to snuggle with you before sleep
  • Do you prefer to sleep on your back, stomach, or side? Just curious!
  • What kind of pillow do you prefer? Standard, feather, or my chest?
  • Goodnight, Mrs. Right, sleep tight, I love you with all my might