A Guy Called Me Babe – What Does it Mean?

Guys often use many terms of endearment with girls they’re dating, and your man just called you babe. So what exactly does he mean when he says this? There are many possibilities to consider here. Understanding all of them can help you get a feel for your dating situation and avoid confusion.

A Guy Called Me Babe – What Does it Mean?

The term “babe” has a somewhat casual feel in some situations and is often one of the easiest terms of endearment a guy uses with a girl early when dating. However, it has a unique range of possible meanings, all of which you need to understand before moving on with your dating experience.

He’s Trying to Take Things to a New Level

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Have you been very physical with your guy yet? If not, the term “babe” might be an attempt to heat up your dating life. Often, guys use it to let you know that they’re interested in you physically. Here are a few situations in which they might use this term in that way:

  • “You know something, you’re a real babe.”
  • “That dress you’re wearing is really cute, babe.”
  • “Babe, I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.”

How you react to this situation is entirely up to you. Are you ready to take things to the next level? Flirt back and have a little fun. If you’re not ready, take the compliment but let him know that you still need time. If he’s a guy worth your time, he’ll wait for you.

He’s Setting Up a Claim on You

The male mind is not as mysterious as it might seem to a woman. Often, it works in fairly basic and primitive ways. We’re not knocking your guy’s intelligence at all! It’s just that men often think of women as being “theirs,” even if they’re progressive and feminist. As a result, a guy calling you babe might be:

  • Letting you know he thinks of you that way
  • Giving you a hint that he wants you to feel that way
  • Making a claim on you beyond casual dating

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His meaning will vary based on how he uses it. For example, if he calls you “my babe” or something similar, he’s undoubtedly letting you know that you’re his special girl. Do you feel the same way? Talk about it with him if you aren’t quite ready to go to the committed stage just yet.

He’s Feeling Out the Situation

Guys may have mixed feelings about a dating situation and try to feel how they feel with a little light teasing. For example, he might call you “babe” just to see how it feels and to see how you react. Times when he might be trying out this approach include when:

  • He says it in an obviously funny situation, such as when you haven’t prepared for the day yet
  • He uses it in a silly way or uses a funny voice when he says it
  • He uses it after a fight to calm down your emotions

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Your guy may also like you a lot but feel uncertain about how you feel. Using “babe” in a funny fashion may make it easier for him to gauge your emotions and decide how to proceed. Give him an appropriate response to ensure that you can take your relationship to the right level.

How Should You React When He Calls You Babe?

React to his term of endearment in any way that feels natural to you and your dating situation. For example, do you like him calling you babe? Or does it feel awkward? Go with your gut feeling here and:

  • If You Like It – Let him know that you like that term of endearment. You could even give him a hug or a kiss to add to the moment.
  • If You Don’t Like It – Be honest. Tell him that the term makes you feel uncomfortable and that you’d rather he called you something else.
  • If You’re Not Sure – There’s no need to rush into any set reaction. Don’t react beyond a smile if you’re not sure how you feel about being called babe.

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It’s essential to make sure you don’t wait too long to react to his terms of endearment. Some guys might be self-conscious and feel uncomfortable if you don’t return the favor.

Does He Expect You to Call Him Babe Back?

Guys don’t necessarily expect you to call them the same term of endearment when they start using it. However, you may want to start calling him something, as well, to set up expectations early. Don’t use the term “babe” if it feels unnatural to you. Instead, pick something that suits your guy and which feels natural for your personality. 

What If He Calls You Babe When You’re Not Dating?

If a guy friend you’re not dating calls you babe, he’s probably sending you the same kind of messages mentioned above. When you’re into him, you can follow the advice above. If you’re not, you must:

  • Let him know you value his friendship
  • Emphasize that you just want to be friends
  • Make sure he isn’t too upset

It takes a very gentle hand and a careful approach to handle a situation like this one. However, doing it right can save your friendship.

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Is It Different When He Calls You Babe By Text But Not in Person?

That doesn’t necessarily mean anything different when a guy calls you babe by text but not in person. It could just mean that he feels more comfortable showing emotion via text than he does in person. Some guys flirt beautifully by text but get stuck in person. Try to be patient with him.

Understanding Your Dating Situation

When all else fails, don’t be afraid to talk directly to your guy and ask him why he called you babe. He might try to beat around the bush, or he may be upfront with you. Whatever the situation, you deserve an answer and can use this information to help direct your dating life.

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